The Miracle Worker

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This is a story of Annie Suvillan and her struggles in teaching a blind, deaf and mute girl. At a very young age Helen Keller had experienced an illness that cost her three senses, her sense of sight, hearing and the ability to talk. Since her illness has taken place she hasn’t communicated with her family. She often throws tantrums to get a piece of candy to be able to be quiet for a while. She is allowed to do whatever she likes.

She can even get her own food by getting it from the plates of the others using her own hands. All of this with the pity looks on their faces of her family.

She is well loved by her family but they think of her as a dumb person who will never learn anything. Mr Captain Keller, father of Helen, had planned to put the child in an asylum. Mrs Kate Keller, mother of Helen, did not agree on this.

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She begged Captain Keller to find other solution for Helen’s situation. This is where Ms Annie Suvillan enters. She will be the teacher of Helen. Helen’s family wanted Annie to teach Helen how to behave. But Annie wanted to go far beyond what she is asked for because she saw the potential in Helen’s personality. She believes that Helen is a very bright child.

She wanted to teach her words and language to be able to make Helen communicate with them. Being an orphan at a very young age, Annie grew up on an asylum.

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This is why she strongly disagrees with Captain to put Helen in an asylum because she knows that an asylum is not a place for Helen. She teaches Helen using language. But because of Captain Keller’s imperious characteristics she was not able to teach Helen fully. Captain is not satisfied on what Annie has done. He was expecting more. Annie was given two weeks to teach Helen what she wanted to teach.

She requested the Keller’s to let her be with Helen alone in a small house in the plantation. They must take Helen in a ride for hours so that she doesn’t know where she is. She will make Helen depend on her for everything to be able to teach her. After living alone for two weeks with Helen, Annie has not reached a break through with Helen’s condition. One factor can be is that she is beating with a deadline Captain has given her. But Annie has taught Helen so much. She was able to knit and she can also be behaved in one place. She can also eat from her own plate using utensil.

But time still is not enough. She was so desperate that she is spelling words on Helen’s palm everything that she holds. Unable to contain her longing for Helen, Kate fetched Helen before the talked time was over. She brought Helen back to their house At dinner, everyone was on the table even Helen’s Aunt was there, Helen was back at her old ways. Surprised of what she acted, Annie was disappointed, when she was disobeying Helen she got scold by the Captain. But Annie stood strong. She brought Helen in the pump for her to refill the pitcher Helen had poured on her.

On the room, James Keller, brother of Helen had finally stood to say his mind. James is usually just a follower of his father. He obeys Captain in everything. But this time he told Captain that they should let Annie to do what she wants and that they shouldn’t interfere with them. At the pump, Helen is trying to say the word WATER. She knows that this word can be a beginning for a brighter life ahead of her. She called everyone to show them what she had learned. From that day on Annie stayed as Helen’s teacher. True enough that she sees the potential in Helen, now Helen is a famous writer.

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