The Life Experience That Sparked My Personal Growth and Maturity

Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others It is always important to tell your loved ones the way you feel at the time you can because you are not in a position to know if you will ever again have a chance to be with them.

On one Sunday morning, my father left the house to buy groceries. Oh his way towards home, he suffered a heart attack which he succumbed to.

After a lot of mourning and grieving, my family later managed to get a life. From this occurrence, we learned that life is very fragile. Ever since my mother started a policy in the house which required that no one should leave the house without a hug. This policy became routine in our family and it has never ceased to date. I had to struggle with many feelings and memories of the events with him.

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Honestly, the relationship between my father and I was somehow strained. We had a lot of differences in opinions and arguments.

Although this is not something serious, it is still something that I need to come to terms with just because he is not around. There are things that seem small when one is around but they gain weight when the person is no more. All in all, family life with him around was enjoyable. At times, we would go out and enjoy ourselves in the park, something we found difficult to do with him gone.

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This is because our mother's income was not enough to take care of us and still pay for luxurious events. This is in addition to the fact that she was now a single parent. I was the eldest in the family and was still a student doing a part-time job to get some bucks for my upkeep. This experience taught me to keep close to the people I relate with at any time. Since I do not know when I may leave them or lose them, I try to avoid the collection of hard feelings. I have found out that this helps one to cut down the emotional luggage that one carries around. 

The experience helped me to grow personally in terms of the way I should relate with those people I am close to. When I heard different groups of people from the different circles in the life of my father talk during his memorial service, I began to think of the impact that my actions could have on the lives of other people. I heard them talk about how humorous he had been, how willing he was to help others and how firm he was in standing only with what he believed was right. This made me reflect on how I want to relate with and treat other people. This does not only include the people you know and your friends but also the strangers that you meet on the way or in the elevator. I have come to learn that in life, death helps one to know that they are a mortal being. This helped me to learn what should be done in life and how one should relate to people. Most of the time, life can be like a drama and turn out exactly the opposite of what one expects. Therefore, it is important to value people when you are still with them.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022
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