The Life and Accomplishments of Justice Sonia Sotomayor

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Filled with passion, courage, and a devotion to those around her, Justice Sotomayor is a genuine symbol of hope for many who come across her story, Hope, along with perseverance and strength, led Justice Sotomayor to develop into a person anyone would be proud to know. Growing up in the projects located in the Bronx of New York City, Justice Sotomayor dealt with a family and lifestyle far from a privileged one, She was raised in poverty with an alcoholic father and a mother who was less than nurturing.

More times than not, Sotomayor had to believe in herself and encourage herself because there was no one around to empower her, Her abuelita, or grandmother, was the one person who administered a sense of inspiration in Sotomayor, and advised her to be the best version of herself. Sotomayor learned to take care of herself, advancing faster than most kids around her age, and gained a sense of responsibility most people do not obtain until much later in life, After reading her autobiography, being struck by the challenges she overcame and the hardships she faced in her early life, I was surprised to find little to nothing written about many of the hardships she faced in the biographies told online.

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Her early life was so beneficial in creating who she is today, and leaving those facts out is leaving out a pan of her life that molded her and made her the responsible and strong woman she is now. We often read stories and biographies of successful people and are in awe at their determination and the struggles they faced in their lives, feeling sorry for them, but then we read on to hear how they, or a writer, boast about their accomplishments and successes, Justice Sotomayor’s ability to share her struggles with us in a way that makes us appreciate what she has overcome is refreshing and inspirational, especially considering how she has helped those around her.

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Justice Sotomayor is a selfless public servant, something hard to find these days. Beginning when she was a little girl, stepping up and giving herself an insulin shot, Sotomayor grew with every experience she encountered The way she handled the misfortunes she came across proves her capability to handle extreme situations and overcome some of the most trying struggles, The page turning read that is “My Beloved World,” opened my mind to approaching life with much more of a selfless perspective. Different from Sotomayor, I have been blessed with a rather easy life, involving opportunities some people can only dream of, It strikes me frequently that there are children and families living in poverty or with illness or in desolate conditions Sotomayor and I share the same urge to reach out and help the helpless, the struggling, and the people who cannot remember what it is like to be hopeful, Since I was a little girl I have had aspirations to change the world, maybe become President of the United States, join the Army, or found a nonprofit organization. After reading Justice Sotomayor’s autobiography I realize you do not need to be the President of the United States, or be a well- known public servant. All you need is the strength and courage to start a ripple effect, and continue to watch as your one or two small acts of kindness evolve in to nationwide protests, worldwide volunteering, or even community-wide organizations. The most powerful excerpt of Justice Sotomayor’s autobiography for me was when she described her rage towards the fact that some patients wait days for help or treatment because staff at certain hospitals do not have translators. Sotomayor was outraged and actually called the hospital, then preceded to organize a group of volunteers who could go and work around the clock for patients who needed translating Her idea was that no one should be put on the back burner because they don’t speak a certain language, especially in a medical situationi.

There is nothing more that I admire about Justice Sotomayor than her ability to instill hope in those who feel hopeless. The smallest act of kindness can lead to major developments in the way our country operates, and the way we assist each other, We are here to look out for one another, to help each other reach our full potential. Justice Sotomayor has reached far beyond her full potential, and continues to inspire and encourage those around hers.

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