The Importance of Traveling

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Who would not like to travel around the world? “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” is a famous phrase by Saint Augustine. Almost everyone will enjoy traveling to different countries, experiencing different cultures, and trying different foods. Traveling is one of the most fun activities that someone can do. Some people have traveling as a hobby, and they go to places without any plan just as a backpacker which show that people who love travel do not care if they will sleep in a hotel or in a tent.

Travel is not only a unique experience, but it is also very beneficial. Nowadays, people can get information and knowledge about different cultures just using the Internet; however, it is not the same traveling by Internet or hearing from an acquaintance as experiencing by oneself. Traveling is an opportunity to contemplate and enjoy the beauty of the nature and the mystery that the world has to offer.

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People who travel can notice differences and similarities of each country by experiencing new climates, new laws and other things that are different from their own country. People have been learning about different countries and seeing geographical factors by visiting different places. Experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, and learning about world geography are some of the benefits of traveling outside the United States. People who travel have more opportunities to experience new cultures. Experiencing a new culture is trying their traditional food, knowing or learning part of their daily life and laws, and their standard of living.

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Thanks to globalization, people can relate and have an idea about others’ cultures such as their food, music and clothes; for example, people can find Chinese food in almost all cities of the world, but it has a different flavor and taste in each part of the world. Also, Mexican food even people who prepare are from Mexico the ingredients with different flavors.

Some external factors such as water and the way to cultivate vegetables have a huge influence in changing the taste of the food. Moreover, by visiting different countries, people will know and observe the daily life activity. Although, tourists and natives will do different activities, tourists will have a closer idea how people live in their country. In addition, each country has different laws. For example, almost every country has a drinking age of eighteen, but in the United States, it is twenty-one. If visitors travel, and they are above drinking age you can an alcoholic drink. I am from Venezuela, where the drinking age is eighteen. People start to drink at fourteen or fifteen years old. Sometimes, people do not need to show their identification. I have been living in United States for almost three years, and I am under drinking age, which is something that I don’t understand because I can drink in my country.

On Christmas, I traveled to Spain, and I was ready to show my ID and get a beer, but they never asked for it, which is something totally different in the United States. Another example, in the United States people drive on the right side, but in some countries people drive on the left side, such as England, France, and in the Bahamas. Thus, people may have to drive on the left side and eat typical food when they visit somewhere. Travelers tend to interact closer with native people, so they can make new friends. Having friends from different cultures and different countries has so many advantages, such as having someone who really knows activities that visitors can do or tell travelers which foods they should try. When people travel, they have more interaction with both native people and other travelers. For example, Cancun in Mexico is one of the most visited cities in the world because of its beaches.

Cancun receives travelers from almost every city in the world. When people travel, they commonly meet people from a variety of cultures. Take the case of people who travel with a tour; there is going to be a variety of individuals from different countries who speak different languages and have different ages. The last winter, I traveled to Europe with a group of people; some of them were from Brazil and some were from Mexico. By traveling I had contact with them, and I learned some Portuguese words like gallo, which means “rooster”. However, people cannot only learn some words from different languages, but also they may develop a friendship. Nowadays, the immigration is something really common, so the population is going to be a mixture between cultures.

The United States is a country with a huge merge of immigrants from many countries, so people tend to have a variety of friends. Imagine have a friend from Australia, and traveler will plan to travel there, visitors are going to have a closer idea how life is going there, and what they can do to have a nearer idea about the daily life. Although, when tourists visit somewhere, they will visit tourist places that are elaborate, but not always the downtown is as beautiful as tourist places. Therefore, by having friends, visitors will have a good idea about daily life where they visit. Every country has a different culture and a different geography. Each country has something really beautiful, unusual, or with a historical background that it is worth visiting. Something people may watch on a TV program or listen by someone about this beautiful places. The world is full of variety of natural wonders, such as Amazon Rainforest in Latin American and Table Mountain in South Africa.

Travel outside one’s native country is a good opportunity to observe the beauty of natural places with beautiful mountains or colorful beaches. Each person has a variety of place where they want to travel; some like beaches, some like mountains, and some rivers. However, everyone will enjoy travel to places with a historical background such as Egypt for its pyramids or the Coliseum in Rome. When people see those huge monuments, the first question in their mind is “How they can do this?” To watch those monuments from thousand of years ago, and appreciate the magnificence that they are still standing is amazing. Despite the fact that they did not possess technology as today, they created those magnificent monuments. Some people in their native country may not have seasons, and they travel to other countries where seasons exists. For example, traveling to see the snow for first time.

At nine years old, I traveled to Chile and Argentina by bus, and I saw the snow for first time. I could not believe it. I was like a child with new toys; I speared up and made some snowmen. It was different experiencing for me even when in Venezuela people can find some snow in a particular state, which is Merida, but it is not common. It was something really new and exciting for me because if I did not go to Chile and Argentina, I might not have seen the snow when I was a child. Travelers want to visit places with particular things that they do not have at home such as people who travel to Egypt to visit the Sahara Desert or to Miami in summer because of its beaches. The world gives us the privilege to choose whether to go visit from the beach or river an adventure full of water or going to desert for something totally different. In conclusion, people who travel have a better idea about how the world really is.

Traveling not only provides a sense of adventure, but it also helps people to open their minds and begin to appreciate the value of other cultures. Tourists always enjoy doing activities that they may not do in their own country such as visiting a desert or a beach. Also, people can visit historical places with majestic monuments. Another unforgettable and beneficial experience of travel is meeting new people and learning how to speak another language. Just imagine for each city people visit, they will meet two people who with time become closer friends; it sounds really good. Eating a totally different type of food, and trying each typical food for each country will help people to have great tasting flavors and a variety of recipes to do at home.

Experience new cultures, new languages and new types of food are just some of the benefits consequences of travel. Each country is rich culturally and geographically, but why not visit to learn instead of learning by reading a book or from someone else’s experience. If each person travels, the world will be better because everyone would understand and would respect each culture, and they will have an open mind when they need to deal with problems. The next time, try to have experiences, so let’s travel and have some fun.

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The Importance of Traveling
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