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Family is one of the most important agents of socialization. It serves as a cornerstone for a child’s development. From birth well into adulthood we look to our parents for guidance, security, and understanding. Family becomes our first example of how to respect others and teaches us responsibility. The role of the family is especially significant because young children have little social experience beyond the family’s boundaries; they have no basis for comparing or evaluating how they are treated by their own family (Kendall, 2013). Family is how we first learn to trust which can essentially have a positive or negative effect on a person’s life. Families have changed drastically over the years. Fewer people are getting married, while more are getting divorced.

Effects of Divorce on Children
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In the present society, there is an expanding number of social ills and marks of shame that take after the family. A standout amongst the most winning inconveniences to the family structure is that of parental separation. Divorce can be a standout amongst the most troublesome advances for any family to experience: it can effectively affect the two guardians, and also youngsters in the high school years. Be that as it may, one of the best disabilities can be to…...
DivorceParents DivorceThe Importance Of Family
The Role of Family Planning in Improving Maternal Health
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Family is one of the most important elements in a person’s life, according to the Cambridge dictionary family is a group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father and their children. Families also may be connected to other relatives and members. Each family has its own characteristics depending on the community, the background and the area it’s related to. Families and their habits, properties, and elements differ around the world. Any change, whether…...
AbortionDiseaseImportance Of Family RelationshipsMedicineThe Importance Of FamilyWomen's Health
The Authoritarian Parenting Style: What Does It Look Like?
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One of the most important units in society is the family. It gives physical, moral, mental and social development and child’s first socializing agent (Roska & Potter, 2011; Cavanagh & Fomby, 2012). Family functioning and the process of child-rearing is a universal phenomenon called “parenting” (Darling & Steinberg, 1993). Parents must corroborate children’s safety and ensuring health, to be prepared for the life of an adult and to teach them cultural ethics and beliefs. Children conform in a group of…...
ChildChildhoodFamilyGood ParentingParenting StylesThe Importance Of Family
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Challenges of Parenting and Family Interview
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Parenting has undergone diverse transformations for the past century which is attributed to lifestyle changes and influence by the modern culture. Traditionally, the role of raising children is the responsibility of women. However, this has changed to a joint responsibility where all parents participate in raising their children in various forms (Thompson, King, Taylor, Puckering, & Wilson, 2019). One contributing factor to this new perception is the urgency to address the increasing needs of the family where the father may…...
ChildDisabilityFamilyGood ParentingPersonal ChallengesThe Importance Of Family
The Importance of a Family’s Structure
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The relationship between parents in a family is essential for their children's behavior. Being rased in a peaceful environment will lead to healthy growth. Parent’s behavior indicates directly to the child’s development. As fewer children are being raised by two parents, the concern for children who are experiencing changes in the structure of their families has risen. Children whose parents live apart are twice as likely to drop out of high school as those in two-parent families and twice as…...
ChildFamilyPerceptionPsychologySocializationThe Importance Of Family
CFC20 Healthy eating for families
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?2. 1 Outline the importance of family mealtimes. Family meals are important; it will help the family come to together. At the meal time everyone can talk and listen. They can talk about how they feel or what they have done. Children can learn how to sit at the table and behave. Regular meal time it is important of the child’s daily routine and they can learn about healthy food. 2. 2. Describe ways to encourage children to eat healthily.…...
FoodHealthHealthy eatingThe Importance Of Family
Alessandra Strozzi Letter Analysis
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Alessandra Strozzi wrote many letters to her children which can convey to us the importance of family in Florence during the Renaissance. Alessandra’s husband Matteo died, and so these letters are written from the perspective of a widow, not a married woman. In Women of the Renaissance by Margaret L. King, it states that widows of the Renaissance could dispose of the family wealth themselves and were also able to carry on their husband’s trade. In this case, Alessandra took…...
Book ReviewSocietyThe Importance Of Family
The Importance Of Family and Broken Ones
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Introduction Family is the basic unit of society. This is the most important component of a country. ”The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” (Santayana) 2012. Governance will only be effective if the citizens are properly oriented with good values and virtues, which is commonly taught by the family. ”Marriage is the agreement to let a family happen.” (Wylie) 2012.A home is where a family lives. It may be alternated to the word ‘house’ but a house is more appropriately…...
FamilyHealthThe Importance Of Family
Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park
Words • 783
Pages • 3
What does Abigail learn about the importance of the family? Discuss how Ruth Park represents her characters and ideas about the family using (3) novel and language techniques In the novel Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park, the protagonist Abigail learns about the importance of the family. She is a headstrong fourteen-year old girl who has had troubles in her own family, but when she is transported to the Rocks, 1873, and meets the Bow family, she realizes her selfish…...
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Different Views of Family Relationships

There appears to be more children that are being raised in a single parent household now than it has been in the last 30 years or so. There has also been a change in what a traditional family looks like. More recently same sex couples have been in a position to adopt or even raise their existing children together. We can even find household where children are being raised by their grandparents. The ideas of a nuclear family are not as popular today. It seems like they are almost phased out. Years ago, it was ideal for the father to work and the mother would stay home to raise the children, cook, and clean the house. However, today, both parents (or one depending on the situation) are working, fewer dinners are being made, and cleaning is a chore done by everyone. Families are relationships in which people live together with commitment, form an economic unit and care for any young, and consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group. Sexual expression and parent–child relationships are a part of most, but not all, family relationships (Kendall, 2013). Whereas marriage, a union that is legally bonded between two people. This union usually last until one partner dies or one files for divorce.

Over the years the views of relationships have changed. We now have inter-racial couples, same sex couples, and your traditional (male/female) couples. We have become more acceptable with regard to how people love and whom people love. This is a personal choice and not a reflection of what society deems as acceptable. Besides, who are we to decided who someone should love. Moreover, (Powell, 2010) argued that support for same-sex marriage is related to more inclusive definitions of family. Diverse families are both positive and negative. A person should be in a position to love who they love without restriction. Considering if we all were to live our lives by what society deemed as acceptable, we would all end up miserable. Loves comes in many forms and it shouldn’t be reliant on you being with your own race, your own class, or the opposite sex. Love is love. However, I do have some reservations with reference to relationship that are of the same sex or interracial. I would hope that a family that consist of different races would teach their children equally about both heritages. I’ve seen families that are of a mixed race only cater to one side and that is a disadvantage to the child when he or she ages.

You should be in a position to relate to both or all of your parents’ origins. The rapid increase in support for same-sex marriage in the United States today must be interpreted in light of changes in the deep structures of American culture, which cause Americans to imagine homosexuality differently than they did three decades ago (Hart-Brinson, P.,2016). I would hope that a child has to ability to choose their sexual orientation and not on the basis of which they grew up in. I’ve always wondered if a child, let’s say it was a boy and his parents are both male as well; would that child grow up more attracted to men than women. I do not know of any same sex families personally but is has always been a forethought of mine.

Family Affects a Child in a Psychological Way

You always hear about how important a mother is needed to raise a child for nurturing needs. As we know in a male same sex marriage this would be absent, do this affect a child in a psychological way? Or, what a about a child that needs a father, does this have any bearing on their lives as well? I’ve always asked myself these questions. Being raised by my grandparents I did not know my father and my mother was around, but we did not and still don’t have that mother daughter relationship that we would’ve had if I was raised by her. I can tell you that being 39 years old this has had an effect on me. I parent my children better because of this very reason. You really do miss what you never had, and it does have a silent effect on you growing up. I prided myself in doing better and being better for my children and as a member of society.

So, in retrospect there appears to be some positives and some negatives that come out of being in a diverse family. If we were to go back in time 50 years and divert back to the family structure and norms it would be a major setback. Women were seen only as wives and mothers. They were considered homemakers and if they did work it would most likely be in education, nursing, and as secretaries. Women have made some major advances over the years. They have taken over the workforce and became major leaders in society with political positions that allow them to make changes to how we are governed in the US. The diversity in the families today would be nonexistent or shunned upon. Same sex marriages wouldn’t be legal nor acceptable. Interracial marriage or relationships would cause racial uproar. We have made major advancement economically and socially as time went on. The views of what a family constitute are steadily changing and because of that we will continue to evolve.

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The Authoritarian Parenting Style: What Does It Look Like?
...Authoritarian parenting focuses on the child’s obedience to the rules and regulations they set and not responding to the child’s wants or demands. Authoritarian parenting styles obtained a negative impact in Western literature, primarily because ...

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