Challenges of Parenting and Family Interview

Parenting has undergone diverse transformations for the past century which is attributed to lifestyle changes and influence by the modern culture. Traditionally, the role of raising children is the responsibility of women. However, this has changed to a joint responsibility where all parents participate in raising their children in various forms (Thompson, King, Taylor, Puckering, & Wilson, 2019). One contributing factor to this new perception is the urgency to address the increasing needs of the family where the father may be unable to effectively provide for his family.

This requires both parents to take up the responsibility of fending for their families as well as raising their children (Thompson et al., 2019). In an effort to balance parenting and work duties, parents encounter challenges in effectively performing parenting responsibilities. Challenges in parenting are also attributed to single parenting where a single parent is responsible for raising his/her children as well as providing for their needs (Garcia & Serra, 2019).

In the effort to determine some of the challenges experienced by modern parents, I interviewed Latrice who has only one child, Aaron.

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Latrice is a double amputee and is not employed which makes it challenging to provide for the needs of Aaron who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and severe learning disability (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). This situation is further worsened by the fact that Latrice is a single mother who is also pregnant. Aaron cannot read where Latrice has to help him in learning important life skills as an individual suffering from a severe learning disability requires support with daily activities such as bathing, eating, and staying safe (J.

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Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). Aaron is also a poor performer in school due to his health condition that affects his attention and behavior in school. Aaron also lies, steals, refuses to do his work, and is rebellious.

It is difficult for Latrice to punish her child due to the health condition of her child as well as her relationship with her child. This is because Aaron does everything for Latrice due to her disability condition which means if he disciplines the child, he may stop doing all these things for her mother (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). One of the strategies that Latrice has implemented to ensure that Aaron receives the necessary help is hiring a full-time nurse to take care of Aaron. However, Latrice feels that this is not enough and often sends help to ensure that her son is receiving the required care (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). Due to her health condition, Latrice is unable to work and survives only on disability benefits to cater to her needs as well as the needs of her son.

She spends most of her time bedridden that limits her from performing house chores as well as looking for employment to ease the burden of taking care of her child. Another factor contributing to her current economic challenge is that Latrice does not have a spouse to help her in performing house chores as well as provide for the family (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). Since Latrice is pregnant with the second child, this may further worsen her condition as three members will now share the current resources after the second child is born that may affect the quality of life for the family members. For Latrice to use prosthetics, she has to lose weight through bariatric surgery as participating in physical activities is challenging for her due to her current medical condition (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). This will help her in improving her life, as she can be able to secure employment as well as support her two children financially.

Due to the increasing need to provide for her child as well as future projections of another child, Latrice aims at securing employment after the bariatric surgery using her academic qualifications (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). This will enable her to save some money and open up a business where she can employ other individuals to operate the business. This will ensure financial sustainability where she will be able to take care of the special needs of her son. Latrice also gave advice to other parents with a focus on loving their children. (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019). Since God gives children to parents, parents need to love their children regardless of any health conditions affecting their children as well as support them in diverse ways. She acknowledged her close relationship with her son to be beneficial as the son regularly helps her in many ways since she is living with a disability. Her son and the unborn baby is her motivation for the efforts that she has implemented to get back on her feet and be stable (J. Latrice, personal communication, November 15, 2019).

However, it is important for parents to plan for their children to avoid some of the consequences associated with inadequate resources. Parenting is not an easy role. However, parents can learn from other parents as well as collect information from parenting articles to enhance their parenting skills since there is no way out of parenting as long as one has children (Siegel & Hartzell, 2014). Parents play a key role in providing guidance and addressing the needs of their children. Just as we can attribute the success that we have to our parents, we have a responsibility towards our children to ensure that they are successful in their lives. Successful children are also a blessing to their parents in diverse aspects (Garcia & Serra, 2019). Taking care of our children creates a good culture of responsibility where the children also learn the importance of taking care of their children.


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Updated: May 19, 2021
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