The Importance of Energy Conservation in the Recent Years

Energy conservation has been a very popular topic in recent years, with electric cars, energy efficient appliances and “green” living. It is information that is known but not many people apply in to their daily lives, that is why through my portfolio I wanted to focus on not only what people could do to conserve energy but also the essential information that most people do not know but could be essential in the conservation of energy, the two talks “The Story of Energy” and “From Fracking to the 40 Acres: Energy Challenges for UT, Texas, and the World” are examples of what information should be spread.

This type of information helps people be aware of how much energy they truly use and what it takes to maintain the lifestyle they are used to. For some it may even give a greater appreciation for the little things they use every day. Nowadays people consume most of their information through either social media or some other type of online media such as movies.

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The movie “Who Killed the Electric Car?”, is a film that talks about the demise of the modern electric cars. This film is one that every person should watch since it shows how not only the mainstream media but also the government can try to not only confuse the people but also convince them into believing what is more useful or more profitable.

In this film specifically it shows how there was a hype for the hydrogen car; the hydrogen fuel cell was supposed to be an alternative to gas and electric cars.

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However, that technology would not be available for another 20 years. As Dr. Michael Webber talks about in “The Story of Energy”, that the challenge with that would be pricing especially with hydrogen since it is not readily available in nature. The questions that followed explained to students how and why other sources of energy are not used as much even if they are efficient whether it be because of cost or availability.

This information is not only useful to adults but also to a younger audience as the same Dr. Webber shows, what is important when speaking to a younger audience is providing examples to which they can relate. For example, how an average human needs about 100 Watts, going up to the sun that gives off 174 PW, this gives them something that they can not only visualize but relate to and it will be easier to apply in real life. So the real struggle in the conservation of energy in not essentially saving the planet but finding a source of energy that is not only safe but also economically stable.

And as shown in Barbara Freeses' book she explains that at the beginning of the century, most of the electricity in the United States was produced by coal fueled factories. This lead to the coal industry trying to convince people that burning coal would improve the environment. With the longhorn lights out program, it gave an example of how people can help in their everyday lives. If over 3,000 volunteers and can reduce the consumption of electricity by 130,798 kilowatt-hours on campus, it proves that if people combine their efforts it can really make a difference.

The program also wants to be able to cut down the campuses energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020. It a goal to be admired by many especially on a campus as large as UT. Energy conservation is essential to the preservation of the planet and can make a huge difference in how the planet proceeds. The information the public ingests and processes can make the entire difference between having to find a new planet to inhabit and surviving one the one we have. It makes a huge difference when conserving and especially when it comes to the information that the public needs.

Updated: Dec 18, 2021
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