The Impact of Hooliganism on Our Society Essay

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The Impact of Hooliganism on Our Society

Firstly, we started discussing the topic of hooliganism throughout the world and also in our country. We have watched many videos on the Internet, investigated further and interviewed many people all around the world with many different perspectives. Furthermore we paid attention to the problems that hooligans make and imposed different solutions to this problem. But first of all we answered questions we had primarily stated in project plan so we can understand the background information about our topic.

Background information

At the beginning we needed to understand what exactly the term ‘hooliganism’ means and what makes person to become one. From all the people we have interviewed we have heard many different definitions for the word ‘hooliganism’, but none of these definitions were completely accurate, and therefore we have come to a conclusion of our own: Hooliganism is malicious, aggressive and destructive behaviour which most commonly occurs during a sports activity. Throughout our heavy researching we have discovered that hooliganism is more likely to occur in the countries which are less developed or have major political or economical crisis. As an almost perfect example we have chosen the United Kingdom. While they primarily had political and juridical issues hooliganism was widespread throughout the whole nation of the United Kingdom. This was the situation until the twentieth century when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher who imposed laws against hooliganism. As we were further discussed our topic we understood that hooliganism is also hugely spread across small countries which were once part of one big nation.

Throughout our discussion we all agreed that there are other greater problems behind hooliganism such as illegal criminal and drug organizations. Next question that imposes itself is what makes these people to become hooligans. It is difficult to speculate on what makes a person become involved in football-related violence because there are so many possible causational factors. It is impossible to claim that all “football hooligans” are of a certain age or class or possess a particular “psychological make-up”. Also, as we have stated, football hooliganism is not a single phenomenon – as such it does not have a single cause. Some of the main reasons for violence between ‘hooligan gangs’ are: a feeling of community, tribalism and sheer enjoyment of being involved in football disorder…

After all, the question is not why a person becomes a hooligan but what the consequences are of his behaviour to the people and society that surrounds him. Unfortunately, football hooliganism has had a deep and profound effect on modern society. In a lot of countries in Central and Eastern Europe parents are afraid to let their children go and watch a game because fights and fireworks are common even in matches that aren’t that important. There have been several large scale incidents involving deaths in Europe in the last twenty years, including the Heysel tragedy in Belgium, where 39 people died during a stampede in the European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus.

Street fights are also common before and after matches and football firms often fix a time and place for a fight before the game itself. As we have acknowledged some of the basic problems of hooliganism, we have interviewed people from many different countries (England, Botswana, Croatia) and we have also included teachers and students from our school so we can gain a better understanding and perception of this topic through the eyes of the innocent observers.

We distributed our questionnaire to few classes in our school, however majority of the students were not serious enough while filling in the questionnaire therefore we concluded that results from this questionnaire were not eligible.


Conclusion from this project is almost the same as the conclusion from the primary discussion among the members of our group. We did not change our look on hooliganism after this project on contrary all our opinions about hooliganism were confirmed by the people we had interviewed. Hooliganism brings only bad things to society. It can destroy marriages, families, friendships and it can even take away human lives therefore it needs to be stopped and prevented at any costs.

Our proposal

Personally we think that less developed countries with high rates rates of hooliganism should look up to England and impose new empowered laws which would prevent, or at least minimize hooliganism in their country. We understand that we are unable to influence much on the solutions to this problem, especially on the global level but we can however make a difference and try and help a little bit in our environment to some extent. We did not only discuss our project but we have also put our words into action. We tried to prevent the problem of hooliganism in our school by giving a flyer to each student with pictures and information describing the consequences of hooliganism.

We have also watched and observed videos about hooliganism with our classmates. Our classmates informed us that the videos that we had watched all together were very educational and at the same time very inspirational and that they had learnt a lot about hooliganism and its impacts on the society. We consider our project successful because we have made a strong influenced on the prevention of hooliganism in our society, and if every individual were to set their minds to it and try to prevent hooliganism like we did, it would be much smaller problem in the future.

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