The Transformation of Our Future Based on Our Past Experiences

Life tells you that you are made stronger by your past. However, it’s supposed to be something that should not hold you back to shape your future. Our mistakes are what made us our most beautiful version of ourselves yet. Holding on to our past for the wrong reasons only weakens us and makes looking at our future unbearable. Movies like Adam Sandler’s Click and Jennifer Garner’s 13 going 30 only shows that our future is predicted by the actions that we make today.

And so what if we make the same mistakes?

At one point, or so many points of our lives in the past, we found ourselves in the same situation that we’ve been through before. It could be life’s way of keeping you in your toes or your subconscious mind’s wishful thinking of finally getting the ending that you wanted it to be. “It’s never wrong to make the same mistake. There’s no right and wrong way to live our lives.

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“The difference that should be made is when we finally take the courage to move forward and make an alternative outcome that we hope breaks the loop of our idiocy. The society that we live in has become so superficial that we’ve been molded and defined to become artificial robots driven by the power of social media to tell fictitious tales that we make others believe in. That we make ourselves believe in. Nobody’s life is perfect. The goal has always been to live life to the fullest, experience the most heartwarming and heart stopping moments in life, and make legacies which will be passed on to generation to generation.

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“You will never dare to take on life’s challenges when you let your past keep haunting you. “ Have you not heard of the saying that the past is in the past? The present is a different matter and certainly tomorrow is as well. We’ll never know what the future holds and isn’t that mystery that excites us? Isn’t the uncertainty of it what makes you look forward to tomorrow? If we let our failures, rejections, and pain grow until they consume us – then we lose ourselves to the darkness that’s inside us.

The future is a bright place and there’s no room for the shadows of our past to keep lurking behind us. “The future is a secret that we all uncover until it becomes the present. “ It can feel like years or days, however, it would always become the present. The logic is to know that today has been the future in the past. And has today made you anxious?

Every day is a gift of the future. Cherish it and make it count for something that others could only dream of. Make it count the most for yourself. Don’t let your past imprison you behind the bars of fear, insecurity, and so much grief. Let the past create the bridge to support you and bring you to an even better tomorrow.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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