The ideal parent

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Parents play an important role in the life of a child. Advanced technology and the influence of peers have greatly affected children’s behavior of modern time. Therefore, the parent endowed with traits will know how to educate their children so they have an exceptional personality and behaviour . I do not think that there are ideal parents, because nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes at some point! But I think every parent is unique , has its own style in parenting their children and do what they consider the best in their child's education.

However, in my opinion the ideal parents should be of good moral character, good listener and patience. Parents should have good moral character because children look up to them and learn from them and thus, parents are the most influential figures. Indeed, most children regard them as their role models .For example, my parents do not smoke or drink. They express virtue in all their actions. So they taught me to respect others and be polite.

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Good parents are willing to listen their children’s opinions, thoughts and feelings and be understanding.

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They know how to create the right atmosphere so that their children are comfortable talking to them about anything in their mind. The children feel free to discuss even sensitive or difficult issues. . A parent should accept his or her children for who they are and not to put so much hopes and expectations on them.

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This is to prevent the children from feeling upset and make them feel as though they are being pressurized. Instead they encourage and guide their children to making their own decisions and teach them to make decisions about what they want out of life.Being firm and well-disciplined are essential qualities an ideal parent should have. To develop a child to be a well-behaved and well-mannered individual, a parent should correct a child’s wrongdoings so that useful values could be instilled into the child.

However, I would like my parents will not be so strict, to let me go to parties when I want it,to trust me and and not be punished for a week if Ihave something wrong. Having patience has a lot to do with parenting. Although children behavior gets out of hand sometimes due to certain issues like mood, problems with school or arguments with friends,an ideal parent must be extremely patient, to help them, to offer the best advice and surround them with love ,care and affection. Also the ideal parent is the one who had many problems at work, but when he comes home he leave those issues aside and try to make me happy and to spend as much time with me!

For me the ideal parent is the one who listens to me when I have a problem without judging me or punish and not give a long sermon every time when I do something wrong,is the one who I could talk to him about my personal or love problems, is the one who could play different games with his family, is the one who would allow me to be myself,is the one who makes me smile when I'm sad , is the one who could give me his time and share his knowledge and is the one who could be my friend. Its hard to be like that and also is very hard to describe the ideal parent. So we must be grateful for parents that we have because they have sacrificed for us and gave us an education that many children do not have!

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The ideal parent
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