The Guiding Principles of Faith: Honesty and Integrity

Honesty - The kind of behavior that others expect of themselves, to behave with others, this is the overall definition of 'honesty'. We look forward to affection, cooperation, goodwill, goodness to others. Just keep your behavior with others as well. All examples of honesty are embodied in doing this one thing. If you feel bad about yourself, if you do the same with others, it will be dishonest.

We do not want anyone to cheat us, hurt us, weirdly, weirdly, then we should behave with others on our behalf.

If we were in the place of others, what kind of behavior would we expect? On the same criterion, in every context, in every sphere, it should be tightly known that your honesty is true or false?

Integrity is the only religion. The same should be understood as the essence of devotion, knowledge, spirituality and meditation penance. For this, there is no need to read any major treatise or interrogate saint scholars.

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In this regard, the most qualified judge can be his own soul. You should keep asking yourself repeatedly. It should be examined by the extent to which the principle of justice is being adopted. As much as it is found to be true, we should understand that in equal parts, we are righteous.

If other people behave dishonestly, then they should save themselves from that trick. A person should adopt a policy of persuading people to get rid of unethical behavior, but instead of doing so, let's fall down at the level of another fallen person.

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Responsibility-man rotates freely, friendly, voluntary, but he is virtually tied to many responsibilities. Many disciplines apply to it. To keep the body clean, applying dietary customs, to keep the mind balanced and exalted, the determination of goodwill, to prevent economic difficulties, to maintain civil level, to make the family members fit, self-supporting, cultured For continuous efforts such as keeping the contracts properly, only a happy person can live and be able to make the contact area happy. The issuer. Those who ignore these responsibilities, they are trapped in anarchy and suffer various kinds of troubles.

Moving one step forward from personal life, increasing the important step towards playing a high-level role in the social sector comes under the purview of human dignity. Sharing the sorrows and distributing pleasures, staying together and sharing the comforts of pleasure, there are customs that the adopter himself becomes a creditor and motivates many to imitate.

The Creator entrusted the creation of man as his eldest son-Prince and responsible for making the system streamlined, upgraded, cultured. Only by continuing to fulfill it, he can achieve the goal of life. On this basis, human beings can achieve human-level also. Even if the scarcity of greed, attachment and ego are spoiled in the vicious cycle, it is a terrible mistake. Such non-liability should not be seen these days.

Updated: May 20, 2021
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