Islam's Guiding Light: Responsibilities, Charity, and Faith

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Our religion gives us the enlightenment to do what’s best not only for ourselves but for the entire realm that we belong as well. It serves as our guide to the path of wonderful thoughts and bright actions which will come to light to the personality that we possess as of the moment. What will exist within our persona was the ultimate contribution of what our religion has thought us. In this regard, we could possibly utter that Islam has been one of the great contributions in this time and age.

It depicts a very good sense of responsibility which could help to augment the system that we have within ourselves. “The teachings of the Qur’an emphasize the responsibility of the individual to society and of society to individual” (Bloomington, 2002, p. 262), as we have noted, Qur’an serves as our guide to the right path and ultimately provokes us to realize what are the best things that we could adapt in order to live in the light of Islamic thoughts and ways.

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It has been said that it entails a huge responsibility as we get a grip on its teachings basically for the reason that it is not self centered and it focuses on the proliferation of the entire realm. One can attain absolute satisfaction if his environment goes with it – meaning the society where you are currently into should goes hand in hand with the good thoughts that you believe in, and this was basically what Islam wanted to establish in its people.

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Take for instance the responsibility of paying zakat wherein people are oblige to pay regularly which in turn the poor will benefit such.

Indeed, not all are convinced that they should pay such zakat and instead, they prefer to just give alms to the less fortunate wholeheartedly. In view of which, what the Qur’an has embarked to its people was the gesture that at any rate we should love our neighbors regardless of their status in life. This positive vibe should be taken into consideration because this is one of the great teachings of the Islamic religion. Similarly, what were epitomized in the Hadith of Gabriel were the strong foundations of the religion of Islam.

It embarks the five pillars per se of Islam which was considered as its strong foundation. “Islam is to testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, to perform the prayers, to pay the zakat, to fast in Ramadan, and to make the pilgrimage to the House” (Tauris, 1996, based on translation found at www. salaam. co. uk). Submission of oneself to Allah was the ultimate ladder to Islamic beliefs. Believing in His ultimate powers was the key to having a strong faith in His teachings.

He is the one who could deliver happiness to the entire realm as we follow His ways to the right arena of life. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger. This strong adherence of faith delivers us to be enlightened with the good ideals of truly believing and opening our hearts to do good deeds in accordance to the wisdom of Allah. Furthermore, as we established our ways in lieu of the teachings of Allah, everything is expected to proliferate for the fact that it has been guided by the almighty Allah. Performing prayers was also one of the foundations of Islam.

Praying not only limits us to chant or even praise Allah, but it derives us a huge sense of establishing our faith and continuously have in mind all the goodness that the religion of Islam embarked within us. The discipline of praying and getting focus was one of the great ways to build our personality that Allah believes to be essential in building the character of a person. Pay the zakat and give alms to the poor was one of the highlights of being a good person, and for that matter a renowned follower of Allah’s teachings.

Loving our neighbor was on top of everything because this is the moment in our lives that we are bound to appreciate all the goodness that our fellowman can give us. In every little way that we could offer love was extremely a huge responsibility to the character that we have within and this only proves that we are absolutely enlightened by the will of Allah. In addition to this, this is also a good representation how we truly grasp His teachings as we put into actions all the wisdom that He has given us. Paying zakat alone gives a tremendous impact since as we all knew this will benefit our less fortunate fellowmen.

Giving alms to the poor was another context of charitable acts which will spread the kind of responsibility and love that Allah wanted us to deliver. To fast in Ramadan as well as pilgrimage to Mecca was another context of what Allah thought us what responsibility was all about. In this regard, this is an immense conscientiousness for us because fasting was a sign of definitive adherence to faith and following ways of Islam. Indeed, doing what is good is the way to Allah’s teachings. His wonderful intentions of making His people become conscious of the good deeds were basically His best ideals.

On our part, we just have to incessantly trust His ways and keep on loving our fellowmen since it is the focus of all Allah’s ways. We can truly contribute to the realm that we are into the best possible way with the guidance of Allah. The foundations of Islam were a good representation on how we could act the right way. The Hadith of Gabriel shed us light to be able to realize how firm the foundation of Islam was and truly it guides us to be a better person with strong adherence to our faith and has intense love for our fellowmen.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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