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Islam: Empire of Faith

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1342 words)
Categories: Faith, Islam
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In the movie Islam of Faith Part 1, the narrator starts off with the translation of azan to highlight the strong words and the strength of faith. The movie talks about how Islamic civilization has been one of humanities grandest achievements. It was muslims scholars who reclaimed the ancient wisdom of Greeks while Europe were in the dark ages. They who served the seed of the renaissance 600 years before Divincci. From the way we heal the sick to the numerals we use for counting,.

Cultures have been shaped by Islamic civilization.

A world wide power founded on faith a spiritual revolution that will shake the nations of three continents and launch an empire. This all started by the birth of single man, his name was Muhammed. Muhamed was born in 570 ad in the Arabian peninsula. Bedouin tribes were locked in constant tribal wars. He was from Makkah but he was sent to live with the Bedouins in the desert because they felt that the Bedouins were the holders of the deeper cultural Arab values.

Both of Muhammad’s parents died by the age of 6, his uncle (chief of his clan) took care of him.

He was orphaned in a tribal society, he felt as an outsider as in tribal societies family is what makes you, whether its social status or success. Thus making him able to click with other outsiders. Muhammed was so adaptable, he had many parents. Thus making him the child of everybody. Muhameds clan just like others shared stories that have been shared over generations. His uncle taught him skills he needs to survive. Even before the Islamic period the place around the kaabah was sacred, where everyone had to put down their weapons, and this facilitated trading. The Kaabah made Makkah the heart of trade. Muhammed became a merchant.

At age 25 while leading a caravan to Syria, his talents called the eye of the shipment’s owner, Khadiga. She was his mentor as long as a wife. She was very strong lady had her own business, Muhammed helping her out. He had tremendous amount of contact coming from different parts of the world travelling through peninsula. He was very intelligent, open minded, great charisma as he had a way with people and resolving his disputes. Muhamed became known as Al-Amin after an incident that happened; when the Kabbah fell apart the tribal leaders were about to go into a quarrel about who should put back the black stone, when Muhammed ame up with a solution.

He was interested in religious questions, he talked to jewish and Christian that lived around makkah. He’d mediate in the rock hills around Makkah. In a cave above Makkah, an angel sent from God in the form of a human appeared to Muhammed instructing him to recite in the name of God the Almighty. The months to come where to bring more revelations. Powerful words of a lyrical quality more beautiful than the Arabic poetry. Mohamed was to bare one message to his people; that there is only one God.

They speak about centreof Islam, that there is only one God and that divine unity is more than saying there is one God, but only thinking of one thing. The implications were staggering one God, meant one people no more tribal divisions. To the poor and unprotected the prospect was revolutionary. One of the most important things in his early teachings the strong social justice message that he delivered. In makkah at that time there was an increase in the separation of the haves and have nots he insisted that everyone should share the wealth and that is what got him a hearing amongst folks. Read about achievements of Africa before European arrival

They talk about how Islam was a new way of life as there was a new order and Islam treated everyone equally no matter their skin color or their gender and that’s what made scholars believe why Islam spread so rapidly. It had symbolic depth that were created by the poets. Some people called him a poet based on that, however there is a quranic sora that says “Mohamed is not a poet, poets speak through desire. This is not the voice of desire, this is the voice of God. ” Muhameds followers started growing. They set out to preserve the message Muhammed brought. This was the beginning of the Quran.

People soon realized that it had to be written down so that it wouldn’t be corrupted and original message maintained. The Quran is a revelation of spiritual teaching of both ethical and social guidance. It was revealed and remains in Arabic. With words alone the quran delivers its vision to the faithful. As Mohammed followers grew so did the opposition. People were skeptical. “Look if you are prophet, where is your miracle. ” The quranic answer to this question is that the quran is your miracle. This wasn’t enough for the oppositional tribes, and the idea of an after life left them exteremly skeptical.

Out of all the things included in the Quran this left the people not to believe the most. To the non believers his dismantling to their heritage and customs deeply unsettling. It was a threat to their social order, ancient traditions and economic threat. As mohammed followers increased, business suffered as pilgrims worried for their safety left town. The tribal leaders decided that Mohamed and his message must be removed. They planned his assignation. They demanded his uncle to remove the clans protection from the prophet. His uncle refused and battle lines were drawn.

Mohammed followers were left to starve, those without clan protection were tortured and killed. When Khadiga and his uncle died, it was an opportunity for his enemies to kill him. Mohamed then went to Yathrid to settle tribal rivalries in exchange for a safe place for him and his people. It was an ultimate test for his followers to leave the place of their ancestors, families and tribes. They began a new community, new tribe. For first time they were bound together not by blood but by faith. Their journey is known as the Hajirah.

His goal amongst the people of Yathrib was just the same as his larger mission; to bring unity and peace with his message. He was a mediator between tribes. As he succeeded Yathrib became the prophet’s city, Madinah. To the divided clans of Madinah he offered a vision of solidarity, but even as he spread the words of islam he didn’t challenge the other faiths. Islam believes that God revealed himself to people before. As a muslim communithy grew in Madinah a life of simple devotion was developed. Mohamed’s house was the first mosque. While he was in Madinah, Mohamed received a revalation that the prayers should be prayed towards Makkah.

The muslims started to gather weapons. The army was not well equipped and was out numbered by the opposing side wanting to destroy Islam. The muslims faced their own tribes, brother against brother, son against father. Mohammeds troops fought with confidence that God was with them. Over the years the Muslim army grew. After a long fight, the muslims finally won Makkah back. Muhammed destroyed all the tribe’s Gods. This made the extremely angry as it’s destroying not only their belief but their fathers also. The destruction of the idols was just the beginning. A worldwide of faith was created.

Muhammed brought a sense of solidarity and mission. They then spoke about the Muslim conquests into North, Lebanon, North Africa and Egypt and the Bzynatine empire. The miracle of how such a small army conquered a huge area in such a small period. The Arabs transformed their conquered lands. In Tunisia they made a genius bases to separate clean water from dirty water. They filled places with little water with a lot of water. However, the saved their greatest work in Jerusalem. In just 100 years, Mohammeds vision transformed the world. The movie talks about Muhammed’s mission, his miracles and how he changed the world.

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