Honesty and Integrity Respect Fairness and Impartiality

The video is by the Harris County Attorney’s office and Human Resources and Risk Management and provides information on ethics apply to employees’ jobs. The narrator is Graylon Wells, the assistant county attorney. The county has two policies on ethics: (1) Harris County Statement of Ethics and (2) Harris County Personnel Policies and Procedures. The policies are based on four commitments to ethical behavior namely Honesty and Integrity, Respect, Confidentiality, and Fairness and Impartiality. Honoring and adhering to the four commitments leads to better public service by the county personnel, consequently leading to public trust (Harris County Attorney’s Office, 2019).

Honesty is the bedrock of trust and trustworthiness where employees should speak and act in ways that engender and justify trust (Blackstone 2009). Honesty also refers to the traits of loyalty, fairness straightforwardness of conduct, absence of lying, cheating, and theft. Integrity refers to the practice of being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values (Blackstone 2009).

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Integrity enables employees to achieve accuracy in their actions. County employees should be respectful to others regardless of who they are. Employees should show respect towards the public and each other. The county employees should also follow the policy against discrimination and harassment. Respect means being polite, using courteous words, and recognizing each other’s personal space.

Harris County is committed to providing fair access to all the available services, as well as exercising discretion. That is, the county employees are expected to serve without favoring any individuals or groups over others.

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Unethical behavior can lead to disciplinary action, while criminal behavior can lead to termination of employment, arrest, prosecution, and even conviction. A general ethics rule s never to accept gifts, favors, or anything of value from those being served. Harris county employees are expected to be discreet when keeping information. Information should only be released on a strict need-to-know basis. Anything short of that is a breach of expected ethical behavior in the county. Even when a subject is subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act, the data and devices that hold data should be inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

The tutorial is presented by Branigan Robertson, a licensed employment attorney based in the state of California. The target audience is employees, Human Resources, and managers. The tutorial provides public information on scenarios that amount to sexual harassment on how to deal with them. Robertson defines sexual harassment as any conduct of sexual nature that is unwelcome, severe, or pervasive. Unwanted conduct may be verbal, visual, or physical. They were severe or pervasive means that the conduct affects the working conditions by creating an abusive working environment (Robertson, 2019). Situations can only be viewed as sexual harassment if the apparent victims initially refuse to entertain the behavior, or if the alleged consistently insists even after being turned down. In other words, the host explains that sexual harassment results from unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical conduct that is sexual. For instance, the conduct may be in the form of offensive jokes, slurs, name-calling, physical assaults or threats, ridicule, insults, and offensive pictures. Furthermore, sexual harassment does not preclude harassment between two people of different genders.

For employers to be held accountable in cases where victims press charges in courts of law, there must be evidence that the employers knew beforehand, that sexual harassment was taking place yet failed to take action (Blackstone, Christopher & Heather, 2009). Robertson notes that employers must follow up on sexual harassment complaints and solve them as opposed to ignoring them. Addressing harassment complaints is essential because court juries never allow instances of ‘burying the head under the sad` to pass as explanations of lack of action. The host predominantly tackles hostile sexual harassment but also explains quid pro quo harassment, which involves people in higher workplace hierarchies soliciting for sex, sexual favors, or sexual contact in exchange for employment favors.

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