Advice I Would Give a Teenager Essay

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Advice I Would Give a Teenager

There are three bits of advice I would have for a teenager. Do not be so quick to grow up so fast, stay in school and learn as much as you can while you are young, and last think before you speak or act. I believe these three pieces of advice would be very helpful to any teenager.

First of all, many teenagers want to be grown up too quickly. They should enjoy being young and having fun while they can. Teenagers should participate in age specific activities. This will help them develop skills appropriate to they’re age that will help them later in life. They should always respect their elders and try to learn as much from them as they can. They’re elders are smarter than they may think.

Second, they should stay in school and learn as much as they can. It is smarter to graduate high school and go straight to college instead of taking a break in between. Lots of students that take a break after high school never go back. Teenagers should always take they’re education seriously even if they are not sure what career path they will take. I would also tell them to learn to enjoy school and college as well as stay focused. Getting a good education can be lots of fun if they are learning to master something they enjoy.

Finally, I would advise teenagers to please stop and think before you speak or act. Silence is golden and you learn much better when you listen more and talk less. Your actions will always speak louder than any of your words. Always be observant of everything and everyone around you as well as be eager to learn. That alone will take you far in the work force and life in general.

In conclusion I think these three bits of advice would greatly help any teenager as they grow and begin to mature in life. I believe it will help them retain more knowledge and be able to use that to they’re advantage in business, communications, and any other relations they may encounter along the way.

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