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It is very important for each one of us to learn to respect others. We cannot retain knowledge, if we do not respect our Parents, Teachers, and elders. Respect for others is expressed in many different ways like bowing down to elders, taking good care of our books, paying attention in class; listening to our parents, being polite to everybody which results in good manners and good behaviour. Respect destroys the ego and pride, brings forth good thinking, results in the use of very polite language, and showing kindness towards other living beings.

All these factors help us in molding our character. Anybody who is older than us in age is an elder to us. Naturally Parents, teachers, uncles, and aunts are our elders. We should greet them when ever we meet them or where ever we see them. We should also offer them a seat when they visit us. It is always polite to offer them a glass of water when we meet them at home and listen carefully to our elders without interruption and answer them very politely.

Even those people who have more knowledge are also called elders. They could be our teachers.

Those who teach and practice ethical values are also our elders. Sometime they may not be very older in age, but they are at a higher spiritual level. So we should respect them all. When elders visit you and leave your place we must accompany them to the door and see them off. We should never make fun of them or laugh at them or giggle at them.

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We should also never interrupt them when they are talking or argue with them and never say any bad things about elders. Whether in school or at home such respectful children are praised by people everywhere.

And when they become elders, they also receive respect from elders. This is a secret of many who are great people in life. Let us follow them to be tomorrow’s honored and respected citizens of our country. How to Respect Your Elders * Never refer to them by their first name, unless asked to. Always address their last name with “Mr. “, “Mrs. “, or “Miss”. This is an important sign of respect. Always call the person by whatever they prefer, whether that is “Miss Smith”, “Lily”, or even just “Ma’am. ” * Listen to their advice. Your elders have lived a lot longer than you, which means they have probably xperienced more and have grown very wise or very cranky. Listen to what they have to offer, because if you don’t they will mostly likely berate or guilt you. They have the time to do it! Of course, you may not need to take their advice. Or take it! They’re people just like you. Don’t treat them otherwise. * Offer to help. They will appreciate any assistance you’re willing to give them. Ask to help carry groceries in, hold a door open, or something else that is simple but genuine. * Use basic manners. A simple please and thank you can mean a lot.

Always be polite and sincere. * Entertain them. They deserve it after working very hard in their lifetime. Try to avoid letting them watch television. * Show an interest in their life. Ask them about their childhood, or how things were in the past. They’ll be happy that you’re interested, and glad to tell you all sorts of cool stories. * Be a friend. Offer to read to them, or maybe even have a cup of hot chocolate together. The person will love your company, and you’ll both find a pal. * Be patient. With age, people sometimes lose their logic and reasoning.

They may be confused as to why you are associating to them. Gently remind them of who you are and your role in their life. They will appreciate the reminder and like you more. Respecting elders : As you sow, so shall you reap. To gain respect from your children first you must respect your own elders in front of them. Not only that you have to respect each other too. We tend to take for granted that respecting each other is about enslaving each other. WE consider that respect is what we give to an authority figure, because we need to be in their good books.

However, that is not respect, but disrespect since it is not something genuine. Respect towards elders or any person, as a matter of fact is about honoring or holding in esteem an individual. It implies regarding an individual as a person of value and virtue. We all expect respect from others. But then do we actually respect others? For instance, because we are adults we tend to take our parents for granted. We tend to get irritated by every suggestion they make simply because we think that we can never be wrong. We then admonish them or ignore them.

We do not realize that our children copy or rather mimic us. They then treat us the same way. Apart from this even the way we address the servants, is the way our children will address them too. While your servant is hired by you and you have every right to give them orders the way you want, realize that they are still elders for your children. When you ill-treat or talk with disrespect to your servant, your child does the same thing. It is vital to teach your child how to respect each individual, in order for him or her to command his or her own respect.

And it all begins with you as a parent. Another aspect we overlook is also the way we talk about people in front of our children. For instance, when we bad-mouth somebody in front of our children, they overhear our conversation, disrespect that person and put us into an embarrassing situation. So it is very vital that we watch our own actions and words in the presence of our children, otherwise it will spell trouble not only for us, but also for them, as there would be nothing beyond disrespect in the dictionary of upbringing.

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