The Growing Up Adolescents Has Become The Society Concern

To date, the growing up adolescents has become the society concern. It is unbecoming of youths nowadays, who are responsible for the negative activities which increasing dramatically. From bullying in school to rape, our youth seems to be more daring and menacing. This could be due to peer pressure or insufficient guidance. What seems to be the highlight of the day on the newspaper incessantly should have been the school violence. School violence nowadays has taken to an extent in which not only happen among the students, but some, involve school teachers.

We might recall an incident in which two Form Four students barged in on a teacher while she was conducting lesson in another class. These two students acted violent by throwing one of the empty chairs towards the teacher when refused to leave the classroom. Another case in point, a few high school girls were bullying their 15 year old junior in the toilet in school when the vulnerable junior asked to pay the debt.

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These girls were not only taking turn indulging in the act of slapping the girls here and there, the worst-case scenario of all would be when the whole ordeal caught on tape and went on to website.

From the example of cases above, we can see that the acts of violence among the youth are mostly take place when they are in group. This is not excluded other negative activities such as smoking, loitering downtown, skip classes as a group. Peer pressure is this how it all started.

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Teenager at his development stages might seeking his own identity or try to “fit-in” and for those who are more vulnerable in nature is easily manipulated by their own peers. One errant youth might starts to form clique by looking out for the vulnerable junior.

While this depressed junior confuse with his own identity, he refuses, he might get threatened or bullied. One by one they try to influence others to join their group. When they succeed, they form the power of “togetherness” to perform whatever juvenile delinquency that comes to mind. Of course, there are also other complement factors such as teenagers lack of guidance or given excessive freedom by their parents. As cliched as it may sound, the fact is, modern parents are busy pursuing material than to be “stay home mom”.

Most of the working parents nowadays tend to pass on the discipline lesson to school teacher, which in turn deteriorate the child development. Whenever any disciplinary problems in regard to their children crop out at school, parents will meet school counselling teacher, then go home and give the child a piece of advice and nothing is being done. Their presence at home to monitor and give guidance to children is non-existent and thus, gives more freedom to the children to do whatever and go wherever they want in their free time, even without the parent’s knowledge.

Realizing they are not cared and loved will contribute to children’s involvement in criminal delinquencies. It has been established that most juvenile delinquents these days are school children. Therefore, the home and school play a role in its prevention. The weakness lies in the absence of a policy on crime prevention in schools. I suggest that undisciplined and delinquent schoolchildren who commit minor crimes be sent to the rehabilitation centres, such as the Juvenile School for three years or until they reach the age of 21.

There, they will strictly disciplined with respect for law and order, regard for property, teachers, parents and a sense of pride in themselves induced in them. They will also get help in achieving awareness of their abilities and, at the same time, continue with their academic or vocational education. On the other hand, parents should not shirk their responsibility of disciplining their children at home and not leave the discipline of their children to the school.

Parents and caretakers should also educate their children on the value of life and the importance of education. Proper upbringing of children by parents will result in more law-abiding citizens and a reduction in the crime rate. In a nutshell, youths are subjected to peer pressure and this often leads them to commit negative acts. Parents who do not discipline or guide their children also contribute to young people’s negative behaviour. It is therefore imperative to take steps to prevent such negative behaviour and to provide correctional measures

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The Growing Up Adolescents Has Become The Society Concern
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