Cultural Clashes: The Coca-Cola Bottle's Impact on Kalahari Tribe

One, finely morning in the lonely desert in Botswana there is group of people know to be called by "Tribe" - Ju'/Hoansi are contently doing their daily routine and errands in the middle of Kalahari Desert sees everything went fine until, an aircraft crosses Kalahari Desert and its' pilot carelessly thrown out an empty glass of Coca-Cola and landed unbroken where the tribe is residing. Consequently and unknowingly, Xi, people thought the strange bottle is a gift from the Gods, and they assume that it has so many uses.

However, there is only one Coca-Cola bottle, which causes conflict and havoc within the tribe. The elders confer, and decided to get rid the bottle, but after their attempts it went fail. Some of the tribe member manages to find the bottle a day after. Xi, as the tribe leader goes out to dispose the bottle that they believe it was cursed.

Along his way to the "end of the world" has him crossing paths.

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He encounters diverse people, a bumbling biologist, band of guerrillas, and later schoolteacher and class hostage. In the north part where government troops find and chase band of guerrillas, after trying to assassinate the President. Xi, went hungry and he shoots a goat with his tranquilizer. Xi is unaware of the happenings going around on him. Unfortunately, the goat's owner shoots him in his leg. Xi, arrested by Botswana officials and later on he became a tracker.

The guerillas went to a village where school teacher is teaching, the guerillas capture the school teacher with her class as human shields.

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Xi and Botswana officials hearing and noticing screams that the children are in trouble. Xi and Botswana officials hatch a plan to utilize the guerillas. Xi, disguise as woman take shoots six of the guerillas while playing a game of hearts. Xi, and the Botswana officials manages to save the school teacher and her class, and the local police arrives and they take the credit to Xi and and the two (2) Botswana officials.

Xi, completes his sentences, and free as a tracker. He continues to his journey to get rid of the Coca-Cola bottle that his tribe believed it was cursed. He arrives at God's Window. Xi tosses the empty Coca-Cola bottle into the clouds below, and he then quietly returns to his home.

The Gods Must Be Crazy, a 1980 South African comedy film by Jamie Uys. Discussed and raises a great number of turning points and an heads up to us with a relevant to the comprehension of the fundamental relating to Society and Culture. It shown in the film the lives between Kalahari Tribe's way of life and of the Civilized life to those who are in the city. The Kalahari Tribe, live in the isolation from the rest of the world that they believe that they are the only human beings on Earth. They has no conception of anger, violence, ownership and guilt. Until, a strange thing taught it them. Consequently, the Coca-Cola bottle has a major role to them with their daily doings in their life. However, it causes conflict which produce ownership - who is the rightful one to own the bottle, violence - they started to hurt each of everyone by means of stealing the bottle in their tribe member's hand, anger - it shows to them and express when the empty bottle of Coca-Cola is stole it from their possession. The film also dictates that while the Kalahari Tribe adapt with their environment, principle, and they live successfully because of it. The Civilized society has found the need to adapt the environment to themselves. As each generation has different needs. The film also shows and demonstrates that the civilized society uses violence and war to solve things, which is often unsuccessful and damaging.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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