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The Filipino Education

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (684 words)
Categories: Education,Higher Education,Importance Of Education
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Views: 133

Most of us believes that education is very important. Education gives us knowledge about everything that we need. It is very important because it teaches us how to become an independent person and how to be wise in making personal decisions. Education also opens different opportunities in our life, making our dreams easier to attain, but education must not just focus on academic aspects, it should look on and focus on the outside world. It is common to us, Filipinos, that education is only for academics, but Renato Constantino’s statement about the Filipino education changed our perspective about the Filipino education.

His statement tries to say that the Filipino education should not just the Filipinos to read and write, it should also teach us how to become a concerned citizen, how to love our own nation, and how to care for our own nation.

The reason why he said that statement is because he wants the Filipino education to create a man or a woman who can’t just read and write, but also knows on how to show care for his or her own nation.

He also wants to tell everyone that the importance of education does not only focus on academic aspects, but it is also important in our nation. Also, he wants to reduce the selfishness that we Filipinos have, he wants us to not just only look for ourselves, he wants us to also focus and give care to our nation. I was really surprised with Renato Constantino’s statement about the Filipino education. His statement really enlightened me about what the Filipino education should be. His thoughts about the Filipino education is what we need right now.

Based on what I am seeing on the Philippines today, a lot of educated Filipinos really lack on love and care for our own nation, they only want themselves to be rich and not the country, a good example of this is the senators in the Philippines, they are using their power to abuse our country and to make their lives become wealthy. I think the main reason why some of the Filipinos are like this is because they lack in education, they are educated but not fully educated, they only know how to serve but not how to serve the country. I really think that educating them with the right education or teaching them how to give care and love to our nation will change their perspective in life, also by giving them the education that they need and deserve, we are saving them from being conquered by their selfish attitude.

In my own opinion, Renato Constantino’s statement about the Filipino education is what we really need. We should enlighten other people about his statement, because his statement is really giving a good point. The statement wants to reduce the selfishness of the Filipinos, it wants us to only give love and care to our nation. His statement wants to educate the Filipinos about what the Filipino education should be. For me, his statement really gives a good point, it is what the Filipino education lacks. Our country, the Philippines is now suffering from different problems, one of those is the over usage of power of those abusive politicians, they are stealing the money that is supposed to be used for the Philippines for personal use.

The Philippines is now dying economically and physically, there are lots of cases reported about illegal mining and deforestation, which affects the physical condition of our country, not only that, pollution is also becoming a serious problem in the Philippines, factories are being built over time and trees are getting cut. I think giving the Filipinos a proper education will change their perspective about on how we should treat our country, because if there is one thing that we lack, that is our love for the country, we only focus and dream for ourselves and not for the country. Also, if there is something that we should give care aside from our self and our family, is our country, for we should know how to look back.

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The Filipino Education. (2016, Oct 03). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/the-filipino-education-essay

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