The Effects of Playing Sports

. I. Thesis statement :

There are several effects of sport that can make us stay fit and healthy, improve, mentality and self-ensteem, and to get a better socialization.

II. Body :

A. One of the effect of sport is making us stay fit and healthy.

1. Sport is a meditation to reduce risk of chronicle diseases and to maintain a healthy body ( 2011).

a. Types of chronicle diseases that most hit human is hypertension, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

i. Studies suggest that activity may help reduce risk of prostate cancer and others.

ii. Improving muscular fitness ,get a healthy meal, and advise from a doctor is a easy way to avoid chronicle disease (Tsang & HuiChan, 2004).

B. Another effect of sport is to give us better mentality and self-esteem.

1. Playing sport will enable individuals to feel confident and more positive.

a. Glasser (1976 ) found that sport help to reduce number of behavioural and emotional disorders.

i. Sport can reduce a depression among people and provide harmonies life to them.

ii. Endorphins that release from brain help to manage depression (Kull, 2003).

b. Playing sport enable individuals to feel most motivate and feel confident to their abilities ( 2007).

i. Self-esteem can be enhance through participant in physical activity, enhancing physical ability, and self-estimation.

C. The last effect of sport is to make someone to have a good socialization.

1. There are numerous opportunities to meet new people and get to know them.

a. Learn social interaction , as well give you a chance to exercise leadership (OxfordFencing.

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b. Teenagers have a lots of opportunities to meet others and develop social and interpersonal skills (

2. Provide young people with fun activities and get their interaction in sport.

a. Reduce boredom and decreasing amount of unsupervised leisure time.

III. Conclusion :

As a conclusion , playing sport provide us a lot of benefits that is a great way to stay fit and healthy, improve mentality and self-esteem, and to get a better socialization for happy and harmonies life.

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The Effects of Playing Sports
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