The Beauty of the Piano Playing

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The piano aspect of music has increasingly shown many benefits and contributions to the modern world than just the skills itself. Some individuals grew up not knowing how to play the piano, while some grew up not even seeing a piano. However, most of them can agree that the piano can deliver powerful messages. In addition, piano melody can help individuals to relax in their most stressful times. Furthermore, playing the piano is a fundamental learning process that can help individuals to face challenges, express emotions and help other individuals through its melody.

Despite the difficulties in mastering the piano, the results will be worth one’s while because it strengthen individuals in many aspects of their life skills. Without a doubt, piano not only help individuals learn to enjoy the art of music, but it also benefits them to grow to think more critically. Analysis of musical notes is essential in playing piano because it helps interpret musical notes into sound.

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This includes determining the beat and emotion of each part of the song, making connections, as well as understand the interplay of all the pieces. Knowing this will better deliver the emotions to the audience. Rob Price strongly expresses how he feels about piano, “You know that brain-straining feeling when you try and multiply three three-digit numbers together? That’s what it felt like to be interpreting and playing music on the fly” (Price).

After countless hours of practice, individuals develop essential skills such as multitasking, critical thinking, evaluation, and logical reasoning.

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While children and young people can use the skills of analization to help them grow and apply it to their academic study, adults utilize these skills in the work field, and in any decision they make in life. Beside skills, playing the piano is a form of expression that provides emotional support to pianists. Similarly to public speaking and writing skills, which express emotion through words, playing the piano enables one to express themselves through the art of sound. The sensation from playing the piano can contribute to a huge part to the pianist’s health. Piano Plus staff states that, “In our constant search for ways to improve our lives, we forget that it can be the things that we enjoy doing most which enrich us mentally and benefit our physical health”(Staff). Individuals may experience depression and anxiety that they are unable to express through words, thus playing the piano can express their inner feeling and emotion.This method can prevent physical and emotional harm. Sad expression can be told by the slow, soft sounds of the songs, while fast, high pitched sounds are an expression of one’s happiness.

Brenda Dillon explains, “When I play piano, I am able to get away from the daily challenges…By the time I walk away from the piano, I am truly relaxed.” (Dejolde). Here, the sound of piano has the ability to lighten the pianist’s mood, create a positive environment for the individual needs, increases motivations, self-esteem, and enhance confidence. Piano not only benefit the pianists, but it also helps listeners heal during their most difficult times . Piano is a form of expression, and the skills of being able to play the piano helps the pianist deliver expressions to their listeners (or audience) who are unable to depict their own emotions directly. The melody of the piano can psychologically calm the body and soul of a person. Franz Wendtner, lead clinical psychiatrist of Austria General, claims, “The effect of those piano melody that found in patients could be explained biologically.” (Baker).

Their research shows that the sound of music helps patients feel less pain while in the process of healing from painful surgeries. Music is connected with the autonomic nervous system such as brain function, blood pressure, heartbeat and limbic system, which are feelings and emotions. During the research, the scientist played slow music, and noticed that the music cause the patients to have slower breaths. This effect releases tension throughout the body, which helps the body relax. When the body is relax, it results in less pain, and the recovery time is also reduced. The results of the study also demonstrates that stroke patients who listen to music improve more in their verbal memory, attention recovery, and experience more positive moods than the patients who don’t listen to music. Learning to play the piano might not be facile to everyone at first, but, the positive results after learning to play worth the journey. Most beginners feel that the basis of piano playing is easy and not worth practicing for hours. However, without deep understanding and mastery of the basic skills, Price found that, “piano is hard. Really hard. It requires you to think in a way you’ve never done before, juggling a thousand balls simultaneously” (citiation).

The phrase, “Juggling a thousand balls simultaneously,” indicates that there are more to playing the piano than just pressing the keys. Individuals have to read the musical notes, interpret it, and add their style of creativity into the playing process. Music notes do not tell whether to play them fast or slow, therefore the pianist must input their unique ways of playing the notes given. This is the reason why only few can master the piano, and most quit because they are unable to incorporate the flow and sounds that they wish to display. However, those whom master these skills learn important value to playing the piano. It takes patience, discipline, and persistency to master piano, this teaches the fundamental characteristics that you need in life to face challenges. Understanding the importance of piano in today’s society may help individuals to find different methods to help themselves cope in difficult situations. Without the understanding of this concept, individuals may think that the piano is only an ordinary instrument. However, it can help individuals to express and deliver different kind of emotions to its audience and themselves. Moreover, it is a learning process that can contribute to the individuals’ development.

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