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The Durham Report

Paper type: Report
Pages: 3 (601 words)
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“The Durham Report was a racist file that has had a lasting impact on the nation of Canada”. This report was predisposition and written by a British individual ‘Lord Durham’ who composed statement which made French look inferior to the English. This report was in an overall favour towards British. To start with, the first primary suggestion was to join the Lower and the Upper Canada into one province called ‘Canada’. This recommendation would provide British Canadians a benefit in population.

With this the French population would be less as in front of the British and French would have less track record in the nation and in the political federal government.

By unifying the two states into one province, French needed to pay more tax. Now it needed to pay more financial obligation that came from Upper Canada. They really felt required to pay. He also stated that English was more useful and had an interest in improving the province. The result of this, the French became a minority, while the English made a big bulk in the province.

Secondly, he requested for an accountable federal government, with a proper cabinet system as in Britain for the English but not the French as he said that the accountable government needs to be just offered to the English- speaking bulk.

He stated the French wasn’t ready for it yet which was a total sarcasm. This system made the Executive Council responsible to the Legal Assembly, whose members are representatives of individuals. The real power was now in the hands of the voters. The problem with French was that they would not be enabled to vote since they were easily controlled as said by the Lord Durham. This was assimilation against French. By this, just the English could vote and as obvious they would vote the English just.

This would make British more powerful and French inferior to them as they would not be consisted of more in the political federal government and in the choices for the province. Finally, Lord Durham utilized a biased language for French and assaulted on the French culture. This discrimination is still going on today in some British countries where French are living this pressure. French were called names like pea soup, frenchie, etc. they were also divided by fence in some places like sport arenas, auditorium and lots of other places.

The reason why they did was that they knew that the French couldn’t afford the tickets to sit on the English and the rich side, and it would again make French inferior to the English. Also, the French could only speak English on the bench. Lord Durham also said that the French had no history or culture and also called illiterate which totally attacked the French culture. He also suggested making a program of education where French Canadians would become more progressive. This meant changing the French to English indirectly. This was really unfair to the people of the Lower Canada or French and it made them really angry.

In brief, Lord Durham suggested that the responsible overall regime be dominated by the English so that the French would be kept away from leadership positions. By uniting the Upper and Lower Canada, giving the responsible government only to the English and using a wrong language for French Durham made French look poor, bad and illiterate with no history or culture. This was mainly abandoning the French identity which was pretty sad for the French people. This reported affected Canada a lot even though they already knew what was going on in the Lower Canadian people.

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