Message to teachers on world teachers day

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Each year on World Teachers’ Day, we take special timeout to recognize the priceless contribution our teachers continue to make in transforming our country. The educationists captured it aptly when they stated that teachers are “… attractive models who advertise, by their very being- that learning does produce wondrous results”. Everytime I move around everyday, I see the efforts of our teachers at work, playing a vital role in our communities.

No matter what the situation or circumstances, whether working in sophisticated surrounds with state of the art facilities or in basic classrooms with modest equipment, I encounter in everyone the most extraordinary enthusiasm among all of the teachers here, as well as a deep commitment to their students and a determination to use their knowledge and skills to reach every students in their classroom.

Teaching has always been a demanding profession, but in an increasingly complex, highly technical and fast changing world, our classrooms are ever more challenging, with many of our young people struggling with difficult social and personal issues.

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That so many students in these circumstances nonetheless go on to acquire the essential skills they need to participate fully in our society is a tribute to the persistence, dedication and professionalism of their teachers.

For all these reasons, World Teachers Day is a wonderful opportunity for the whole community to acknowledge the critical role that teachers play and recognise and thank them for the invaluable contribution they make to shaping and helping to secure the future of our society.

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On the occasion of World Teachers Day 2013, I am delighted to express my sincere appreciation, on behalf of the parents and students of Marcelo MH Del Pilar NHS for the untiring dedication and commitment to delivering a quality education to all our students.

I wish all teachers today an enjoyable World Teachers Day Celebration and hope that whatever the challenges, you will continue to find many rewards and much satisfaction in what you do – educating, nurturing and protecting our most precious resource – our young people. To all Students: Teachers are one of the greatest people whom you can across in your life. They are not only the selfless givers but also the mentors of your life. At every step of your life, you come cross teachers who devote their entire life in the enlightenment of students like you.

For sure, teachers’ definition can’t be limited to a subject teacher because anyone who guides you in your life is a teacher. Many a times in life, you feel like thanking your teacher but you do not find a proper occasion. So this teachers’ day commemorate your teachers’ efforts and thank him for being the guiding light in your life. You can express your gratitude for your teacher with many simple ways- flowers, greeting cards, tokens, etcetera…but most of all, show your gratitude by just being good boy or girl in class…That’s all!

To all our Stakeholders: Our education system has been blessed with scores of committed, competent and caring teachers who embody those traits. We must continue to support their efforts since we all ultimately stand to benefit in numerous tangible ways. I would like to use this opportunity to appeal to all education stakeholders to join the Department of Education in supporting our hardworking teachers of Marcelo H. Del Pilar NHS.

I must restate my call for parents to invest more time in ensuring the academic success of their children by working more closely with our teachers. In turn, our teachers have committed to ensuring that parents are constantly updated regarding their children’s progress through consistent parent-teacher conferences which have now been institutionalized. We are highly encouraged by the recent improvements noted in the education system- the K to 12; Senior HS Implementation; and many more!

(Share programs in school level pls! ) We must continue these trends, and the ones who have the greatest role to play in this regard are our teachers. I urge all of you to continue to make us proud as you strive for excellence in education. We fully support Our Dear Teachers! … and I urge all our education stakeholders to join me in ensuring that our teachers receive their due recognition today on the grand celebration of World Teachers’ Day 2013 here at Marcelo DP NHS. MABUHAY!!!

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Message to teachers on world teachers day

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