Greek Mythology Essay

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Greek Mythology

In today’s society, both men and women have their own individual rights and freedom. However, in ancient Greek mythology, their story of all the Gods and Goddesses showed specific roles for both male and female that carried on for a long time in society. Their myth of Gods and their power affected their places, roles and even mental behavior as well. Those stories that described each god and how they involved in the mortal world later affected how gender applied in the world back then and still some today.

Let’s take a look at their patterns from ancient myths. The first and the most common famous story of Greek’s Gods is when Zeus saved his brothers and sisters from his father. The moment Zeus assigned roles and realm for each of his brothers and sister, the perspective for male and female already occurred. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are assigned as the world’s dominant power of sky, water, and underworld that make the male got control of the power. Meanwhile Hera, Demeter and Hestia are assigned for marriage, harvest and home.

This led to women’s places became more at home and less in power. This became the influences in many societies for a long period of time to everyone’s point of view to women. However, in today’s world, this belief faded and everyone have their rights and individual, especially to women. Based on Greek’s myths as showed above, female gods’ roles showed women mostly dependent on other and in charge at home just as what our society used to be long time ago.

Meanwhile, male gods had all the control of the world showed that they are strong and applied to most men used to be in charge of everything, inside and outside the family. However, when Dionysus started to be in charge of fertilities instead of Demeter led to women lost their roles and power. In today’s societies, everyone have their own rights and freedom in many areas and not just base on their gender. Although the myths affected the old world as the patterns of men dominated over women but luckily that is not the idea for modern day anymore.

Women can be in office, government and many more as we can see today. At last, ancient Greece’ stories also showed the male and female gods behavior and led to stereotypes for centuries. Beside strong and weak, all the action and roles do affect people’s point of view. For example, Zeus can wander off everywhere and be with as many women as he wanted too which applied to men can have many wives as he wanted too back in the day.

Apollo designed for many talents, Dionysus for drinking and party and Ares for cocky and violent behaviors are still applied to today society’s point of view toward male. In another hand at women, people believe they are full of emotions, kind, caring, love and beauty. But Athena and Artemis showed women can be smart, strong and independent which make more sense in today’s world. However back then, people believed women’s places are at home and caring for family and dependent on the husband.

Some of these patterns do still exist in modern world but not as much as it used to be a big deal for everyone. After all, female gods and male gods are different in realm of power, roles, places and behaviors in ancient Greek mythology. These patterns are most likely about the perspective in genders and stereotypes. Some are still applied in our society but barely anymore. Although back then, men were powerful while women were obedient and house wife. But in today’s world, both male and female are independent, shared roles, have individual rights and freedom.

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