The Differences Between Modern Day Nursing Education and the Old Hospital Based Training Model

The contemporary day nursing education is rather different to the old based training design. Today, nurses gain from theory behind actions, treatments and decisions, before getting the experience of performing the action or task of nursing. On the other hand, the medical facility based model was based upon the Nightingale system where the academic requirements of the trainee nurse took second location to the service requirements of the medical facility. The restricted theory component of the course was offered by physicians and other health care workers (Matron) at the medical facility and not by educators in class, which is the contemporary practise.

The significant knowing environment for trainee nurses of the old school of training was the clinical setting. The theory part of the course was constantly seen as less important than the real medical part and as a result, learning by doing and discovering by experimentation became functions of the old school mentor practise (Russell 2005). Today, discovering through tertiary education, such as class lectures and scientific presentations, provides a more recognised foundation to acquiring the abilities and knowledge that is needed in the medical facility setting (Koutoukidis, Stainton & & Hughson 2013, pp.

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1b When did the Diploma of Nursing become the nationally recognised entry level qualification for Enrolled Nurses in Australia? Why did this occur? The diploma of nursing was nationally recognised in 2010. It coincided with the establishment of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA) (AHPRA 2012). This was essential as previously, each state had different systems and standards and this was not practical for national management .

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This was evident when enrolled nurses (EN) would transfer jobs between states and find that the skill sets were not equal. The scope of practise for EN’s was different for each state and recognition for standardisation of education and practise became apparent and necessary (Koutoukidis, Stainton & Hughson 2013, p 10).

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The Differences Between Modern Day Nursing Education and the Old Hospital Based Training Model

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