The Collapse of the Roman Empire: The Middle Ages

Caused by a decline in morals and values, and as well as the expansion of the eastern empire. This correlates to the era between 700 and 1400 CE in Europe. The Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, and the Age of Faith, all describe the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages should be labeled the dark ages. As evidenced by years of torturing that was imposed by invaders, such as Vikings.

To begin with, the Dark Ages made the people live in persistent terror.

The Vikings were insane and sacked villages and destroyed their agriculture. For instance, for vikings they believe the only way you can go to Valhalla is to die in the battle. In addition, to the vikings, the black death played a significant role. The black death is bubonic plague. And it killed ¼ of the whole population, which killed 25 million in Europe. Also, this led to the separation of Christianity because the pope could not help people.

Next, the middle ages should be labeled the age of Feudalism as well.

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Feudalism is a system of government that distributes land ownership and duties. Manors were units that made up of a church, castle, or a village. It was structured so everyone had an obligation. The vassals obligation to the lord was loyalty and military service, such as knights. And in return, the lords gave land to those willing to give knights. And lords give protection. Serfs and peasants would work for the manor and in return had their land and protection. They believed without this system they would leave their territory vulnerable to invaders.

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However, feudalism came to an end because when there was no longer invasions, the people began to question why they were doing all the work and providing knights.

At last, the Age of Faith is an appropriate label for the Middle Ages because of the power of the catholic church. The religion of the catholic church was Christianity. Religion influenced all features of life. Such as, art and music. The power that the church could be shown through cathedrals. A cathedral is a church that contains the cathedra of a bishop. In time on invasions the church gave people unity. As well as, the church gave people spiritual support. For example, priests acted as counselors, and began to make people look forward to the afterlife. As more people began to follow the church the more power it gained. In addition, the church showed their power through crusades. For instance, Pope Urban II called for a crusade. Since he was the pope believed that this crusade was right, and that it was allowed from God. Also, he stated, if the people fight in the crusade it was an automatic ticket to Heaven. The church eventually began to have political power. Therefore, the pope usually decided the king.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022
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