The Best Topics and Ideas for Illustration Essay

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Hello! We intend to reveal the essence of one of the most exciting and easiest types of writing – illustration essay. Have you ever heard about such type of paper? What associations do you have with it? Most of the students imagine the picture that illustrates some idea. To some extent, this is true.

We cannot compare writing illustration essay with argumentative or other types of writing as it uses various tools, facts, and devices to prove a point or phenomenon. Its main aim is to present specific situations, persons, and objects to let the reader understand the essence of the topic.

It is a high time to speak about two crucial things that each essay has: topic and structure.

Let’s start with the topic. As you can guess, before writing the content you have to know which issue will be central in your paper. Your task is to brainstorm all possible variants of the topic and choose the most effective one.

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We have prepared the list of essay topic ideas that can serve as inspiration for you. It comprises such spheres as sport, communities, academic life, and career.

Illustration Essay Topics List

  1. With the help of terminology describe different types of swimming.
  2. Explain how the hip-hop differs from the ballet dancing.
  3. Prove that your favorite soccer team is the best.
  4. Illustrate the stages that are essential to become a student.
  5. Advise how to become the leader among the peers.
  6. Write about the tips to become the beautiful girl or handsome boy.
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  7. Explain the work specificity of CEO.
  8. Invoke readers to visit your favorite restaurant.
  9. What are the tips for successful business writing?
  10. Illustrate the ways society should support victims.

Frankly speaking, these themes can be extended with your suggestions. That is why use your creativity and pick the best topic.

Learn More About Structure

We have already found out the possible illustration essay topics. Now we want to cast a glance at the key structural peculiarities of your illustration essay.

One of the most important components of introduction is essay thesis sentence. It is a summary of the topic that will be described in the paper. Use the analytical thinking and create the thesis that will impress your teacher and target audience. Do not forget about the hook as it will grab the reader attention.

In main body you should prove your thesis with the following examples and evidence from your primary and secondary sources. We highly recommend you to divide the main body into paragraphs as it will make your essay well-structured.

Speaking about the conclusion, we should say that this part aims to summarize the main points and results of the investigation. Here you can describe the importance of the research and its practical implementation.

So, now you know the right information about the illustration essays. Hope you will cope with this task and pick your topic. Do not postpone and be the first who will submit the best piece.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022
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