Key Topics on Writing Human Trafficking Critical Essay

If you have received a writing assignment which is connected with discussing social problems, criminal and human trafficking essay will be an interesting topic to start with. Papers about human trafficking raise this pervasive and ongoing issue which has destroyed lots of families.

The human trafficking global issue may be discussed from various aspects if you are going to make up a critical essay for your home task. Topic selection is one of the most challenging parts because a writer has to research to find out what is now interesting for the readers.

In this article, we have gathered top best topics on human trafficking for a critical essay. Look through each variant and choose that one which you like most of all. Also, we have included some tips about possible ideas which can be discussed in each theme. After reading this list of topics, you can begin preparing an outline and begin your writing.

Topics on Human Trafficking with Ideas

  1. Possible reasons for the spread of crimes.

    (Lack of police control, low quality and low speed of investigating crimes.)

  2. The victims are mainly children and women. What are the reasons for this? (Women and children are especially vulnerable because most of them don’t know how to protect themselves.)
  3. Human trafficking involves violence. (Enumerate the types of violent behavior of the aggressor: slavery, sex trafficking, and organs transplantation.)
  4. The illegal trade of human organs. (There should be legal control of organs which are used for transplantation.)
  5. Describe possible reasons why convicted traffickers get involved in this crime.

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    (unemployment, low-income family, psychological disorders.)

  6. Should convicted traffickers be sentenced to life? (Describe possible opinions and state your Compare verdicts for the same crime which happened in different countries.)
  7. Describe the possible behavior of a trafficker. If you know how criminals behave before committing a crime, can it help prevent the problem? (They wear dirty clothes, they look aggressive, put hands in pockets, don’t visit public places.)
  8. Tactics of criminals: technology and human trafficking. How they attract future victims with the help of technologies? (Various Internet sites where girls are looking for husbands; fraudulent employers who offer unreal job positions abroad.)
  9. How to avoid Internet-based faulty recruitment? (There should be a separate political structure which checks each available site used for marriage or foreign job positions.)
  10. How to raise people’s awareness about the problem of crime? (There should be educational courses about how not to become a victim; it should be obligatory for students in universities and workers in organizations.)

Sample Human Trafficking Essay

Ordinary people from all over the world face difficulties connected with high unemployment level, tense economic situation, legal imperfection. Contemporary criminals use those hurdles to provoke the spread of human trafficking. They invite their future victims to work abroad and earn lots of money, but in reality, use them as slaves. Unfortunately, this problem does not only touch difficult working conditions but sexual harassment, violence, humiliation, and even illegal organ transplantations. This export of “human beings for working abroad” embraces the territories of Russia, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Hungary, the USA, and many others. Slavery of our times thrives in both undeveloped and highly developed countries because poverty and social problems exist everywhere.

The most commonly known reasons are related to low standards of living, spread of unemployment,  lack of education, legal illiteracy of the population, superficial ideas about the ease of life in foreign countries, lack of real information about the problems, sexualization of life, advertising of sex, active international labor migration. Difficult economic situation remains in the first place among the internal factors. Feminization of poverty promotes the search for any earnings, even without considering possible negative consequences. Researchers from different countries have noticed that in this situation women are more likely to agree to get work which does not correspond to their level education and qualifications, while men in a similar situation hesitate. There is an increasing number of families where women are the main breadwinners, who feel responsible for the whole family.

Illegal sexual relationships is another cause for this global problem. The sex industry is one of the most accessible areas for earning money abroad illegally. Direct communication with women who want to go to work abroad, and with those who returned from there, shows that people lack awareness about negative aspects of employment abroad. It is how traffickers make use of such desperate females who do not care about the possible negative and even tragic consequences.

Taking everything into account, there is an avalanche of internal and external causes which lead to the spread of crimes. Government, as well as ordinary citizens, should take this issue more seriously. There should be more legal control of working immigrants especially females. Only when the society is better informed about all the risks of working abroad for unofficial companies, and the legalizations become more controlled, it will be possible to eradicate the problem from its core.

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