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Childcare Choices

What’s Best For Baby? John and Sue, having to return back to work, are having trouble making a decision on which of the two childcare facilities they want to enroll their 8 month-old little girl, Tyree, in. Tyree’s development needs much support, not only in forming a secure attachment, but also in developing her personality later in life. Early care influences the child’s path of psychological, social, and physical growth. Early childhood occurrences, mainly in the first three years of life, are very crucial.

Environmental factors affect the brain’s development, which can promote or discourage the ability to learn from adolescence through adulthood. A safe and healthy early childhood setting can also prevent cognitive and behavioral disorders later in life, in which some cannot be reversed. As in Eric Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial Development, the first stage (Trust vs. Mistrust) usually occurs between birth and one year of age and is the 1st stage in life.

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In this stage, the child is completely dependent on the mother or caregiver and the development of trust depends on the quality and the dependability of the child’s caregiver. If the development of trust is a success, the child will feel safe and secure in its surroundings. Parents or caregivers who are inconsistent, emotionally unavailable, or have a “rejecting” personality, promote the child having feelings of mistrust in others. If the child does not develop trust at this time, the child will think that the world is not a very safe place and feel afraid of its environment.

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In childcare A, the teachers are always talking to the infants even during diaper changes and feeding times. The babies are held often and there are a lot of teachers available to cuddle the children. The quality of child care would be better than that of childcare B. Better human care will result in the child growing up with feelings of security and trust which will meet his or her cognitive and social needs and consequently contribute positively to the child’s personality.

The second stage of Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial Development (Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt) happens during early childhood and is aimed at children developing a greater sense of personal control. Important events in this stage include gaining more control over food choices, toy preferences, and clothing selection (Bukatko, Danuta, 2008). Since childcare A has more toys in which to play with, and has a larger area to crawl and climb; the child will have a greater sense of self-control, which will help them successfully complete this stage. The child will feel more secure and confident, while the child that does not is usually left with a sense of inadequacy and self-doubt.

Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget’s theory on child development is focused on the processes of cognitive development and states that the child is born with an unlearned state of mind to interact with and understand his/her environment. It is through interaction with others that the child actively constructs his/her development (Bukatko, Danuta, 2008). Thus, in Childcare A, the children will have a much greater opportunity to interact with the caretakers and therefore, have a greater fulfillment of their curiosity needs met.

Since Childcare A has a larger area for crawling and climbing, more activities, plus all the attention that the teachers give the child, it will better facilitate the proper motor development of the children that are in that facility. I believe that childcare A will be the best choice for Tyree, as well as the Parents John and Sue. Childcare A may have a larger cost than Childcare B, but it will benefit the child in many different ways that will be prudent for the child’s development.

As stated, John and Sue would like to save money even though they can already afford Child Care A, but looking at the circumstances of child development and all that goes with it, it will definitely be worth that extra money for the child to be placed in that facility. If saving money is also a concern with the parents, I would suggest looking at other areas that the couple can save a little money in.


Bukakto, Danuta. Child and Adolescent Development A Chronological Approach. Boston, New York: 2008, 2008. Print.

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