The Beauty Of Morning 

“work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day,” said George Allen. Honestly, waking up early is not a habit in people’s daily life. For me, waking up early in the morning is one of the most important things in my day. Although the vacation is for staying up late, watching movies and eating all night, this is not my concept. I enjoy eating breakfast in the morning because of this what makes me feel in the sense of the morning.

Also, waking up early helps me to enhance my productivity through my journey at the preparatory year, and helps me to concentrate more on significant tasks. However, my routine has changed dramatically, and I became wake up lately since COVID-19 caused in staying at home. To change this problem, I will limit the use of electronic devices at night and make a practical decision before bed that I will get up early because I have something to do.

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A few days before 9 of March, I was getting up early at 5:00 AM to get prepared for going to university because I live in Jubail, which there is a long distance between Dammam and my city. So, I have to get up early as much as I can. Also, I was having my breakfast before going to university, approximately at 6:00 AM. However, when they decided for preventing us from going back to university because of COVID-19, my sleeping habits changed to wake up at 11:00 AM, so that makes me feel lazy and no longer to attend online lectures.

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Also, due to waking up late, I started to have a severe headache, and feel pain in my body. Although my breakfast was at 6:00 AM, it became at mid-day! As a result of waking up late, I get used to delay working on my assignments and tasks until late, and that is not good at all. Moreover, I feel that laziness will affect my academic level. Fortunately, I thank Allah who gives me the power to still wake until long hours to complete my tasks.

Fortunately, the situation didn’t last for long. I applied useful solutions to change this habit to the best, and back again to my routine that full of vital energy. For that, the first thing that I started with is limiting the use of electronic devices at night such as computers and mobile phones. Because of working at night long hours using devices, it will weaken the eyes, especially if I have a tough task. For that, I started to do all my assignments and tasks in the break between each lecture and another, instead of just waiting for another lecture to start. Besides, working in the morning is better than working at night because I can focus on my tasks, and that leads to protect my eyes from vision impairment problems. Besides limiting the use of my mobile, I made sure to get enough sleep to concentrate throughout the day. Moreover, I can’t measure the study by spending a lot of hours at night because I need to relax, sleep enough and feel comfortable with showing acceptance to the new day. Another solution which will help me, make a practical decision before bed that I will get up early because I have something to do. In other words, if I keep in mind that I need to wake up early because I need to attend lectures and study, I will get up definitely because I know I have to get up early. However, if I just sleep and pretend that nothing will happen tomorrow, I will wake up at lunchtime! For that, the thing that the mind has programmed, and the mind will inevitably take a position to execute what you put in your mind at night.

To sum up, as many people cannot wake up early, but to be honest, waking up early is one of the substantial things in my life. Nevertheless, we might have a problem with waking up early like me. My routine changed completely since we prevented from back to university, and I became wake up lately. For that, I should limit the use of electronic devices at night and get adequate sleep, and I must have a firm decision to get up early. More importantly, I want to advise everyone who adapted to wake up later to change their idea about that and enjoy feeling the beauty of morning because noting in the life beautiful like that, and also in all the aspects of your life, always wake up, and see the brilliant side of life.

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