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American Civil War Memorial
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Known as the “Lincoln’s Army In Park Memorial”, a physical installation which has been erected in the Gettysburg battlefield, Pennslyvania, people are in awe of the tall towerlike appearance with President Abraham Lincoln above which serves as a reminder of liberation. Together, this memorial strives to commemorate all of the Northern soldiers who took part in the battle of Gettysburg, which is remembered as “one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War”, (Cornell University, 2013). This battle acted as…...
Letters from American Civil War
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November 21st, 1863 Betsy Lawrence 386 Rivington Road 7th Avenue Apt No. 2 New York City, NY To My Dear Betsy: I want to thank you for curing my wounds and taking care of me in the worst times. It’s only been a few days since I left, but I am already missing you so much. Sorry, I cannot accompany you, but I promise I will move up north once the war is over. Well, I don’t think this war…...
Developmnent of USA After Civil War
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After the War of Independence, the South developed very fast with the black slavery. The North became a normal European country and mainly depended on the development of technology which was widely used in production, but much slower than the southern part of the United States. People in the South lived just like the nobiemen in Europe, and they had more money, more land than any wealthy people all over the world. Even their idols, the British nobiemen who gave…...
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Music in American Civil War
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Back in the 1860’s music was a big part in traditions and ways of representing certain things. It was used for many common things. Music was an important use during the Civil War because instrument patterns were commonly used to issue marching orders or to simply bost a soldier's confidence. This is important because the music that was played was a common reminder of what the steps were that they needed to follow. Music caused great peace to the soldiers…...
Myths & Misunderstandings: What Caused the Civil War
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What started the Civil War? Historians debate whether the Missouri Controversy, the Nullification Crisis, the Annexation of Texas, the Compromise of 1850, or the Kansas-Nebraska Act sparked the Civil War. Many agree that The Compromise of 1850 is the primary event that led to the war. This event was a set of laws, passed in the middle of fierce wrangling between groups who favored slavery and groups who opposed it, that attempted to give something to both sides. “The Compromise…...
The Trent Affair
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In 1861 throughout the beginning of the American Civil War, an occurrence happened which, under normal scenarios, would have been a minor diplomatic and political event between the United States and Great Britain. Since the incident, understood as the "Trent Affair" took place during among the most precarious and unpredictable durations in American history, the capacity for global crisis and, in reality, world war loomed for several weeks while American and British diplomats worked to avert disaster. "The Trent Afffair"…...
The causes of the break up of the Union
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The American Civil War was the bloodiest American War, which placed brother against brother and tested the will of the Union. There were many causes to the breakup of the Union in 1860 to1861, but there are three that stood out the most. Many people believe that the Civil War was a war fought solely over slavery, but the reality was it was fought on several fronts. The three main causes were: the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the decision…...
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Myths & Misunderstandings: What Caused the Civil War
...So, what did start the Civil War? The Compromise of 1850 was the spark that set off the war. Each of the five acts did not address whether slavery was to be abolished or not was a major part of this. The Compromise of 1850 was like a band-aid in the ...
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