The Advantages of Green Technology in Construction

Green technologies convey various advantages in construction. As constructer continue to push earlier architectural borders, regularly incorporating exciting new technologies, a recent prominence on green architecture has also taken place (Krista, 2011). Therefore, it is important for us to know the advantages of green technology in construction. Furthermore, green technologies in construction encourage more energy efficient, benefit the environment as well as the owner of the building and have high in properties values.

One of the advantages of green technology in construction is it encourages more energy efficient.

It is believed that green technology saves energy as compared to conventional buildings. This is due to the fact that it provides alternative use of energy whereby it is more energy-saver and safer. For instance, this technology may have return on investment in the long-run. According to Klien (2011), energy efficiency enhancements do not have to economically “break the bank” upfront in order to save money in the long-run by going green. Apart from that, this technology brings a healthier and comfortable to the environment generally as well as to human particularly (Klien, 2011).

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On top of that, other advantages by implementing green technology in construction is government would certainly provide tax incentive to any eligible construction companies. “Green buildings, both commercial and residential, are eligible for government tax credits. For new residential construction, homeowners can receive a credit of 30 percent of the cost of installing environmentally-friendly technologies including geothermal, photovoltaic cells, solar water heaters and small wind systems”, (Elizabeth, 2011). In addition, green buildings also use materials more efficiently.

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The usage of recycled or renewable material brings larger impact to the environment. It is essential as the earth face with major destructive impact on resources as well as climate due to the unrestrained construction.

Another advantage of green technology in construction is it does not only benefit the atmosphere but those who own this structure as well. Green technology in construction has proven that it gives benefit to both environment and building. Hence, according to Krista (2011), investing in green technology also reduces energy costs for building by using more efficient insulation materials. A study by Krista (2011) found that with the cost of heating and cooling comprising as much as 45 percent of home’s energy bill, the economic rewards if investing in these materials provide great incentive to adopt these emerging technologies.

At the same time, green technology helps saves water, decreases waste and consumes less energy than conservative technology. Furthermore, green technology in construction proves that it gives benefit to health. On the other hand, any physical contact with asbestos which is a material widely used as an insulator in past construction, leads to a devastating cancer called mesothelioma but the green building can avoid this type of cancer (Krista, 2011). Besides, consuming green technologies integrates materials that are harmless to those who live, work or visit the green buildings (Krista, 2011).

Last but not least, green building has high property values compared to conventional buildings. With proper maintenance, green technologies can have long lifetimes. “Geothermal systems, for example, can have warranties of up to 50 years for underground pipes and 20 years for pumps”, (Elizabeth, 2011). Furthermore, a small wind method can last up to 20 years (Elizabeth, 2011). In addition, green technologies in construction can have high turnover in properties values. Hence, according to Elizabeth (2011), green technologies can upturn property price because it requires slight maintenance and save money. This is particularly suitable for commercial property holders or rental managers (Elizabeth, 2011).

As discussed above, it is proves that green buildings do benefits to the environment, people and at the same time it can return on investment in the long-run. Government plays an important role to ensure that all the housing developers in this country follow the rules and procedures so that the environment is healthier and comfortable. Besides that, by going green we can save our mother nature from other negative implication such as landslide, flood, and other natural disasters.

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