“Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes

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“Thank You M’am” by Langston Hughes is a story of a middle-aged woman, Mrs. Jones, meets with a boy, Roger, who attempts to steal money from her. Anyway before she got robbed, she catches the boy and chooses to give him a lesson of his life. Mrs. Jones is presented as a thoughtful, trustful and good-hearted woman.

Part 1

Firstly, Mrs. Jones characterized as thoughtful woman who understands teenage requests and problems. She helps a teenage boy who needs help. In quote “You could of asked me.

” She shows her charity to Roger that if he asked politely instead of attempt to steal her purse, she could help him. Mrs. Jones can understand Roger’s problem because she was also young once and she wanted things that she could not get, but instead of stealing valuable things she decided to gain money with doing other things. Anyway at the end Mrs. Jones gives ten dollars to Roger to buy himself a blue-suede shoes that he wanted.

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She also gives a lesson to Roger. Mrs. Jones admonishes him that he shouldn’t do any mistake of stealing anybody’s purse anymore. It shows how Mrs. Jones is considerate woman that helps Roger even though she got robbed by him.

Part 2

Secondary, Mrs. Jones portrayed as reliant woman who does not watch the Roger in her house. In quote “The door was open. He could make a dash for it down the hall. He could run, run, run, run, run!” Mrs. Jones shows her reliability to Roger.

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She trusts Roger and she knows that he is not going to choose to run away. Moreover, she left her purse behind her on the day bad where the Roger sits. She is absolute sure about that Roger is not going to attempt to rob her again. So that she leaves her purse out in plain view.

Mrs. Jones’ acts are weird because Mrs. Jones knows Roger for an hour, and not a normal person allows a “thief” in his or her house. That shows how Mrs. Jones is optimistic person. As it can be seen from the acts of Mrs. Jones, she is trustful person that she does other things instead of watching Roger in her house. Mrs. Jones is good-hearted woman although Roger attempts to steal her purse. Mrs. Jones treats him well, in quote “Then it will get washed this evening.”

She tries to say that Roger’s face is dirty and his face is will get washed in her house. She takes him to her house to give him a lesson of his life. Furthermore, the boy asks that is she going to take him to jail, but the woman answers no. It shows that Mrs. Jones forgives him, because she was a young once and she can understand of teenage problems. Also she makes cocoa and cuts him a cake. As it is obvious from her actions, Mrs. Jones is amiable to Roger, even though he is a black boy.

Part 3 and Conclusion

After all, Mrs. Jones teaches an important lesson to Roger about not to do any mistake of stealing anyone’s purse or money. Roger says “Thank you m’am” to show his courtesy to Mrs. Jones. He thanks for Mrs. Jones for money, food and being a good teacher. Then he leaves.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023
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