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1. What is the focus of community psychology?
Community psychology focus on dealing with mental health and social welfare issues within the community setting.
2.​ List three medical services that a psychiatrist can provide but a psychologist cannot.
Human factors psychology, health psychology and community psychology.
3.​Mid-20​ century humanism was a reaction against an earlier approach in psychology. Which approach was it? Humanism was a reaction against an earlier approach in psychology which was supernatural.
4.​ In which two present-day psychological perspectives would researchers be most likely to use brain images such as CT scans?
Cognitive and biological psychology, it both perspectives deal with how human mind think and human brain.

5.​ In behavioral psychology, what is a stimulus and what is a response? In behavioral psychology a stimulus constitutes the basis for behavior whereas is constitutes the basis for perception in perceptual psychology. And the behavioral result when a stimulus occurs is called a response.

Critical  Thinking Questions

1.​ How might studying psychology help you live a fuller, happier life? Give specific examples.

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Psychology can easily be used in daily life. I could use it to help with stress or improve my memory.

2.​ How did the methods of early structuralists and functionalists differ? Name a psychologist that took each approach.
Wilhelm Wundt was a German scientist who founded a laboratory that took a structuralist approach to psychology. William James was an American that founded a lab at Harvard that took a functionalist approach.

3.​ Contrast Sigmund Freud’s view of human nature with the view of Abraham Maslow.

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With which, if either, view do you agree? Abraham Maslow proposes of the Hierarchy of needs, which is a view of human which is by the emotional, psychological, physical,spiritual and social support systems. Maslow Frew created a “third choice” which went against Freud’s psychoanalysis. He said that there had to be something in between the two school of thought, and that society very well may feel the gasps that show up in the life of a person. I do agree because not everyone can agree on subject.

4. ​ Altruism refers to behavior that helps others but does not appear to help the person performing the behavior. Describe an example of altruistic behavior, and state how a psychodynamic psychologist might explain the behavior. An example of altruistic behavior is the leader of the silverback gorillas becomes angry and beats on of the females, another gorilla comes in to save the female and paid for it by being brutally beaten.This act sparec the female from being injured and likely saved the baby’s life she had with her at the time.

5.​ Compare and contrast biological psychology and cultural psychology. Explain how and why a biological psychologist and a cultural psychologist might investigate the way people learn a particular behavior. Both the biological and the psychological explanations are supported by evidence which say their explanations. The biological explanation says that there is the genetic explanation, it is used largely on the scientific research. The studies used in research was based and because of the large number of studies, so it’s sample can be used, the biological research can be credited.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021
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