Technology Is Everywhere Essay

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Technology Is Everywhere

Keep in mind that technology is everywhere all the time (ubiquitous) because of the onset of Smartphone’s, and other mobile devices. You have a 21st century phenomenon. But, is what Scott McNealy said true? Cite and explain examples that support and argue against this statement.

I believe what Scott McNealy said is true. The privacy and security that we think we have is not so true the internet is the quickest way to have your identity stolen by someone else. By logging on to your email or by purchasing something from a store the hackers can heck any information off the internet to pose as you and there’s no way to stop them once they have stolen your identity. From an article you have Zero Privacy Anyway – Get over It by David Adams. Here are a couple of points he made a having privacy on the internet.

* The idea that governments have made it easy and automatic for themselves to gain access to private information online, and in many cases are data mining or surveilling everyone, not just crime or terrorism suspects. * Private companies have in some cases been too compliant when the government has requested information even outside of what’s required by law. (AT&T, for instance) * Companies keep more information, and keep it longer, than they reasonably need, even considering their services’ functionality and the convenience factor. * People are ignorant or blase about entrusting sensitive information with online services.

* People who would never trust some foreign totalitarian regime don’t notice that their freedoms have been undermined by their own governments, usually in the name of fighting “terrorism” or “crime.” * Once governments have access to widespread surveillance powers, they always end up over-reaching, and use that surveillance in any way they see fit, not just for “anti-terrorism.” * Even when the government’s not involved, there’s always a temptation for a company to sell whatever information it has about you to whoever will pay, and once your data starts to spread through the marketplace, it becomes an easily exploitable commodity.

Sensitive personal data on anyone can generally be bought for a few dollars. * It can be extremely difficult to stamp out false or easily-misinterpreted information about you that’s contained in the various commercial databases out there. * You’d be astounded at what personal information about you any random private citizen has access to. Read this recent wired story for an example. * When you bring “black hat” techniques into the picture, your privacy is even more tenuous.

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