Tech Jealousy In Relationships

Everyone wants their relationships to be the most secure as possible, and technology can be the key to having close relationships. Communicating is the most important variable in relationships. And lack of it could have its repercussions. Technology has made communication easier than ever. Technology makes it easier for people to keep close relationships. The many social media networks allow teens to communicate with a multitude of other people with the same interest, and it can help them work out issues without meeting face to face.

Research studies have shown that technology can help couples manage conflict better, communicate better, and feel closer to one another. “In fact, therapists are using online assessments and videos like TED talks in their sessions with clients and asking couples to use their phones and email to connect throughout the day,”(Hall). Couples can also be shown to other people that are in a better situation so that they can come to a resolution to why they are having problems.

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“Drs. Caughlin and Sharabi found that saving some topics for face-to-face conversations only was good for relationships while saving topics for technology only was linked with less satisfaction in relationships,”(Hall). Discussing those topics is important when they are relevant, so do not save them when face to face. Communication is the key to satisfaction in relations.

Technology can be used as an important tool in relationships. “Some partners like to know when the other leaves work. This may be so that they can start the dinner or plan other evening activities,”(Sweetwood).

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Schedules can be set up to feel secure about relationships. “Even when you and your partner have different schedules, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu means that you can watch the same shows”(Sweetwood). For a little bit more distant relationships it can be used for bonding. Streaming services and sharing quitting times can be used to keep close relationships.

An opposing view from a doctor.“Making our meaning clear electronically presents extra challenges,”(Lickerman). Many people don’t like the way people use tech so they tend to tackle everything the old fashioned way. It’s not all perfect and there are faults to point out of course. On the opposing side, there are valid points but they are shadowed by the forms in which they support. The ability to share pictures, schedules, what couples are watching, and connect through social media help people.

Technology makes keeping close relations easier for people. Life is so much easier with close relationships. Everybody wants to make their relationships as secure as possible, and technology can be the gateway to closeness. For relationships contact is the most important variable. So lack of it could have repercussions. Technology has encouraged contact more than ever. Technology makes keeping close relations easier for people. The many social media networks enable teenagers to It is what makes life worth living, to enjoy it with them. At the end of the day technology is being implemented more and more into daily life, so we might as well see in what ways it can help us.

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