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Nowadays, sudoku appears as a popular puzzle games. It easily can be found on the newspapers and also on the internet. This kind of games are good for brain. Other than that, sudoku also gives another benefits for the players. Based on reading from a number articles and sources, the benefits of the sudoku are increasing the logical skills, develop patience, enhances mental sharpness and provide good alternative. With playing the sudoku, it will improve the capabilities of thinking logically or critically.

This kind of games provide the good alternative for the childrens compared to spending times to play the digital games or watching TV because it offers an educational for them. Sudoku will increase their mathematical skills and confident level. The specific mathematical calculations are no required to solving Sudoku but it will use a few of mathematical methods and techniques. Sudoku is a puzzle game that presented with square grid. Its constructed from various size. Basically it contains 4×4 grids until 100×100 grids.

But, the most popular sudoku that have been used by peoples containes 9×9 grids and its known as normal or standard sudoku. According to Sopitan (2008), sudoku’s popularity can be seen by using Google search engine. The results returned by Google search is a reflection of the popularity and pervasiveness of that subject. By using that search engine, the fact has been said by Sopitan are proved. The search of Sudoku returns 80 millions results while the search for famous person in the world, Queen Elizabeth just returns 60 millions results only.

The objective of playing Sudoku is to filling up number 1-9 in each row, column and also 3×3 grids. That numbers will appear once in the each row, column and grid. There must be a unique solution and no repetition are allowed. From the history of Sudoku, its name originated from Japanese word. Sudoku are combination of two words which is “Su” and “Doku”. When translated them to English word, “Su” means number and “Doku” means single. Before Sudoku famous in Japan, this game has been around for many years in Unted States and United Kingdom.

Sudoku was first published in the North America in New York around 1970’s. “Dell Magazines” was the publisher and it’s also known as a specialist games when it consist the puzzles of logic and ability. Dell was published Sudoku and named as “Number Place” in its Math Puzzles and Logic Problems magazines. The originally designer of the Sudoku are not known but suspicion falls on Walter Mackey who was one of the Dell’s constructors of puzzles. On 1984, Sudoku was introduced in Japan by person known as Nikoli in the Monthly Nikoli in April and its named as “Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru”.

When translated to English, that name gives meaning “The number must be there in only one instance”. Now, improvement of technology day to day make this puzzles games just not appear on the paper but its widely available on the internet and as digital games. Various programming language are used in order to construct the digital games. The programming language commonlly used in constructing Sudoku games are Java, Mathlab and C++. All this kind programming language not return the same result.

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