Success Requires Sacrifice Essay

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Success Requires Sacrifice

Everyone’s goal in life is to be successful in some way, most try to attain this through a career. A successful career leads to a fortuitous reputation in society. A triumphant career also puts a person well off in the money department, which everyone needs to survive in today’s society. With everything success brings there is something that has to be given up or set aside. To have a successful career a person would have to give up social time, time with family, and most importantly their morality. Human beings are social by nature through verbal and analytical communication.

Socialness is considered an important part of fitting in to society, but sometimes there are bigger concerns. Success requires commitment; if a person is not dedicated to their goal they will not achieve it. The everyday college student is a good example of someone trying to reach a successful career, yet all college is to some students is a big party. Then there are those that commit to their major, commit to their career, giving up partying, hanging out with friends, and sometimes even sleep for days at a time.

Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker; he goes around to colleges speaking to students about success. His message is, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful. ” The message he attempts to get across is, that when success is the number one priority over everything in life, then it can be achieved but only when it is number one. Family is the foundation of life; family is where I come from, family shaped me into the person I am, family is everything to me. The journey to success can crumble a family’s foundation.

My journey to success has come from my parents; in their mind if I was successful then they were successful. Parents sacrifice everything for their children; in some cases they will even sacrifice time with their child to support them. I know both my parents did. My mom switched to a horrible job, with awful hours, and only getting 20 hours of sleep a week, just to support me playing softball. She would miss my games to work, to pay for my dream to make sure I was successful in what I wanted most. My dad also did when he took his night job.

He missed a majority of my senior season; he left a job site to come watch me in the state tournament. He knew how important it was to me so he came to watch me. With both my parents working all the time we barely saw each other, we didn’t have family time anymore. It was a hard time; all of this was because my success was so important to my family. When it comes down to it, the road to success can drag a family through hard times. Morality can be defined as a person being able to decide between what is right and what is wrong.

When a CEO of a company has to make a decision whether to outsource jobs to China for cheap rates or leave jobs here in America and pay more, their morality is questioned. Do they make a 400% profit for themselves or help 100 workers feed their families? When that CEO was on their journey to success they were focused on one person: themselves. They have come to the point where success is such a high priority in their life they will do anything to attain it, no matter what the cost.

Climbing up the social ladder of life requires knocking people off to reach the top. The principles of morality are basically nonexistent in today’s society, all for the hunger of success. To have a successful career a person would have to give up social time, time with family, and most importantly their morality. These three sacrifices are absolutely necessary for success. A successful career requires dedication and if people are not willing to make a sacrifice in life for their career, for their future, then they will never reach that success.

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