Study Habits Essay

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Study Habits

Describing my current study habits is a very easy task. I have been trying to change my study habits since my first semester in college. I have been a Sierra College student for three years. These habits are very simple: “postpone” and “rush”. By “postpone” and “rush” I mean that I always wait till the last minute and then rush to do my homework what makes me feel overwhelmed. During two years I was taking two or three online classes and just because they have different due dates I succeeded. If they had due dates the same day (Sunday, for instance) that would be the end of my college life.

So, by looking at myself from this point I have very big problems. There are a lot of areas that must be improved. They are: set goals, stay positive, reward yourself, study space, postpone unnecessary things, and the most important is time management. There are many greatest obstacles that prevent me from meeting the demands of an online class. But the most crucial are time management and study space. I have two children. They are four and one years old. I am a person who likes to do my homework when it is quiet and calm. I am easily getting distracted by noise.

Therefore, I need a place where I can think and do my homework without being distracted. And last but not list is time management. This is one of the greatest obstacles that prevent me from being successful online and not only online but even a regular student. I hope I will be able to overcome these challenges someday. I understand that without trying you cannot achieve a desire goal. “You never know what you can do, till you try. ” First of all I need to create a simple “To Do” list. That makes me create a schedule of things I need to do and stick to the plan.

I spread my homework by days doing each assignment in particular day, so I can spend some time on every assignment evenly. Therefore, by the end of the week I won’t overwhelm myself by spending a whole day doing all my assignments at once. This will help me to stay frosty and be positive. Also, I need to find myself a good study space. The learning center or library is the best place for studying. I could add this to my “To Do”. By doing all these improvements in my life I will help myself to become not only successful online or regular student but a responsible employee in the future.

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