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Summary of Plato’s ‘The Republic’
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“The Republic” is a work of “Plato” that talks about his “ideal society” (Plato et. al. , 2003, pp. 1 – 496). According to him an “ideal society” is: 1) one that is ordered/structured, just/reasonable, wise/sensible, courageous/spirited, temperate/controlled; 2) a society that is geared towards the well-being of the whole population and not just one class; and last but not least 3) a society that is ruled by the “philosopher-ruler” (Plato et. al. , 2003, pp. 1 – 496). Plato…...
Steve Bio
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Introduction Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on February 24 1955. His biological parents, unwed college graduates Joanne Simpson and Abdulfattah Jandali, had him adopted by a lower-middle-class couple from south of the Bay Area, Paul and Clara Jobs. Young Steve grew up in a valley of apricot orchards that was already turning into the world center of computer technology: Silicon Valley. It was not uncommon to see engineers fill their garages with all kind of electronic…...
Overcoming Disability
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Pages • 2
Many people who are physically challenged have accomplished much. This proves that they are not “handicapped. ” Confined to wheelchairs, successful careers have been forged by Bob Sampson and Stephen Hawking. Despite Sampson’s muscular dystrophy, he has earned a law degree and has worked for United Airlines for more than thirty years. Stephen Hawking is most famous for his book A Brief History of Time. Unable to speak, Hawking’s voice synthesizer allows him to dictate his books, conduct public lectures,…...
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Human beigns are becoming slaves of modern technology
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Human beigns are becoming slaves of modern technology Human beings are becoming slaves of modern technology, there have been many debates whether or not itso. My view is that humans are becoming slaves of modern technolo gy. My reason why and why not humans see their technology as their masters and always wanting to be with it. Slaves are dependent on their masters as so are the owners with their technology and always wanting to be with it or on…...
What will the future of computing look like?
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Pages • 4
Within the next ten years, we will have photorealistic gaming . In conjunction with the anticipation of ne xt-generation consoles coming in 20 20 , graphics sho w a continuous trend of improving to the point of hyp errealism . Already we are saying th ings akin to "wow, look how realistic th e skin textures are " or "this landscape honestly looks like a photo ." I distinc tly remember staring at a cutscene on TV (out of context)…...
Could You Look at Your Life
Words • 1835
Pages • 8
Could you look at your life and everything that's taken place within it and prove it wasn't a simulation, or prove the physical existence of another country, relying on just your senses? We tend to think of ourselves as singular entities, rarely acknowledging the massive environment which our lives take place, and unaware of an existence ,or non existence of world outside our own. Determining whether we live in a simulation requires larger understanding of the world. With further analysis,…...
The Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence
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Pages • 5
The development of technology over the last couple decades has been what could only be called impressive. To take an obvious example, the internet barely existed before the year 1990, whereas life without the internet is inconceivable today in the modern world. It would be an understatement to say that the internet has revolutionized the field of communications. This fact about technology, however, may not be an unequivocal cause for celebration. In particular, several concerns have emerged over time regarding the…...
A Summary of Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau
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Pages • 7
Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau has chapters on two scenarios of the future of humans. Both Heaven and Hell Scenarios have "The Curve" involved, but the dangers of the GRIN technologies make the Hell Scenario more likely. Rise of technology will lead to the downfall of humanity due to Bioengineered Disease Agents/Weapons. Supporting ideas for this topic are: threat of humans creating dangerous weapons such as pox with cobra venom, biotechnology such as the Australian mouse pox incident being dangerous,…...
Is Australia an Inclusive Society
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Pages • 10
Reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2003a, 2003b, as cited in Ashman & Elkins, 2009, p. 7) show 25% of the Australian population is currently made up of migrants from around 200 countries. This fact demonstrates Australia, on the whole, has a tolerant and inclusive society. A society can be identified as a collection of people who live together in a relatively ordered community (Ashman & Elkins, 2009, p. 7). It could be said, Australia has one of the…...
Plato and Stephen Hawking
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Pages • 4
1. If some parties lead to trouble and trouble should be avoided, then some parties should be avoided. (m) Trouble (p) should be avoided (s) Some parties (m) lead to trouble (s) Some parties (p) should be avoided 2. Physicists are the only scientists who theorize about the nature of time and Stephen Hawking certainly does that. Therefore, Stephen Hawking must be a physicist. (p) Physicists are the only scientists who (m) theorize about the nature of time (s) Stephen…...
Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual
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Pages • 14
The eldest of Frank and Isobel Hawking's four children, Stephen William Hawking was born on the 300th anniversary of the death of Galileo—long a source of pride for the noted physicist—on January 8, 1942. He was born in Oxford, England, into a family of thinkers. His Scottish mother, Isobel Hawking, had earned her way into Oxford University in the 1930s—a time when few women thought of going to college—making her one of the college's first female students. His father, Frank…...
What Would You Do to Make a Better World
Words • 1234
Pages • 5
To make a better world I would try to change how people with physical and intellectual disabilities are treated and perceived. I work toward a world in which they are celebrated instead of marginalized. My hope is that people with disabilities will be welcomed to share the unique gifts they have to offer. My dream is that people with disabilities become a vital part of the conversation on what it means to live fully. Discrimination, although generally means the action…...
Impact Of Computer Technology On Communication
Words • 1827
Pages • 8
1. ABSTRACT Technological development has had a strong impact on the way society communicates, particularly with its acceleration in the last few centuries. From the invention of the telegraph and telephone to the advent of the Internet, technology has given people tools to not only keep in touch with each other, but also express their feelings and opinions to a broader audience than would otherwise have been impossible. Everything has both a positive and negative impact, and the impact of…...
The Origin of the Universe
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Pages • 12
INTRODUCTIon The evolution of theories about the origin of the universe has surely proceeded at a rapid pace upon entering the 20th Century. New telescopic devices permitting people to see parts of the universe never before imagined, in new ways never before conceived, have advanced man's theoretical capabilites on explaining the origin of the universe, a task that has been a part of intelligent man's life for thousands of years. However, up until very recently, perhaps even this century, most…...
Ecosystem-Based Management
Words • 2283
Pages • 10
Introduction Ecosystem-based management (EBM) is a great tool to protect not only the environment, but to do it in a way that is not detrimental to humans or the economy. Traditional environmental movements have for the most part been a failure since they advanced the environment at the expense of the economy and of humans. However, we cannot continue in this same manner or else we will live in a world that is too polluted to live in. One of…...
Communication needs
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Pages • 14
1.1 Explain the importance of meeting an individual’s communication needs. Answer People communicate because they need to let others know what they want and feel, as well as to find things out and get answers to their question and to pass on information and give direction. Communication is a basic human right. Without communication the individual is unable to realise or exercise their rights. Under the human rights act 1998 all individuals have the right to freedom of expression. Without…...
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What will the future of computing look like?
...Within the next century, I e xpect a gradual but noti ceable em ergence of brain -computer interfaces, or B CIs. To specif y, a brain -computer inte rface is a computational system implanted in the bra in that al lows a person to control a computer o...
What Would You Do to Make a Better World
...It promotes the capabilities and talents of people with physical challenges, once barriers in the physical landscape have been overcome. 5 The Disability Foundation receives support from people not only by money donations, but also by volunteer work ...
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