South Korean Pop Culture


South Korean pop culture is growing at an unprecedented rate. The stars of the industry set the trends, and dictates the way people sing, dress, and eat not only in Asia but even in Europe or simply all around the world, directly influencing what gets sold, what genre of music, what food and what will be the next big thing.

In the past few years, many trends came and went in the Philippines. Despite the cultural barrier between South Korea and the Philippines, the cultural wave known as Hallyu reached the shores of the Philippines (Yu, 2014) .

It started off from having Korean dramas being shown in local television dubbed from its original Korean language to the local Filipino language. A part of Korean culture reaching out and making a connection with the people of the Philippines. It is peculiar how its popularity grew despite the cultural barrier between the Filipinos and the Korean culture.

Philippines is known as one of the countries being influenced by hallyu or Korean Wave.

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(Kim & Ryoo, 2016). The new generation of Filipino teens is easily captured to the things around them. Their taste of music, movies, dramas fashion and food has changed as they are exposed to the different genres, values and culture of Koreans. Many Filipinos nowadays find Korean fashion and food to be amazing as so many Korean boutiques, shops, salons and the very new trend samgyupsal restaurants spread in the whole country.

However Filipinos are not aware that aside from noodles, Koreans are also known as bread lovers, where every street sells different kinds of "bbang" (?) Korean word which directly translates to bread (Jeong, 2016).

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There are fish-shaped bread, puff bread, jeon, egg bread and many more that people can choose from.

This gave chance for the researchers to have an innovative idea, which is establishing unique food business and producing a new product that empowers the beauty and taste of Korea, using the " not yet known" Korean ingredients while having fun.

The researchers aims to change the mindset of Filipinos that when it comes to Korean food it isn't just about Ramen and Samgyupsal. There are so many K- food that are so delicious that Filipinos do not know nor have an idea yet. With that, the researchers will use a simple bread and make it into a delicious sarang that will allow consumers to experience the unusual, tasty, yet cheap dish of the recipe of Korean with a little touch of improvements and add ons.

Through this, the researchers believe that it will not just be "in" in the trend but also give profit to the employees and supply the needs and give satisfaction to the customers.

Name and Logo of the Business

Knead in the business name has a double meaning, need which is synonymous to "obligation" and knead which means to work and press into a mass with or as if with the hands (used in making a dough). " I Knead Sarang" simply means "will knead the love that customers need".

The logo of I Knead Sarang has color green that represents the vegetables that are one of the main ingredients of the bread pizza ( product), the chibi or the person with the red hair and yellow crown represents the customers, and their feeling of being a wang or a king or queen after buying and eating the product. The hair is red , because red is a warm and positive color, a very physical color which draws and can catch your attention easily. Based on the researcher's research, In color psychology red means energy, passion, action, strength and excitement. The person's clothes are orange and black in color, orange for shirt because it is the combination of the happiness of yellow and the power of red. Black for pants which means to balance and control the business. The pizza represents the product of the business.

Tagline : Sarang that will make you feel like a Wang! which simply means that the product's love ( sarang) will make the customers feel like a majesty.

Statement of the Problem

General Problem:

  • Is selling bread pizza in the Philippines feasible?
  • Specifically, in the four aspects of the study:

Management aspect of the study

  • What form of ownership is the business?
  • Will the management be able to manage the products and the whole business?

Technical aspect of the study

  • What is the main product of the business?
  • What kind of ingredients is it made of?
  • How are the raw materials bought or gathered?

Where is the business located?

Is it rented or owned? How much?

Marketing aspect of the study

  1. How will you prove that your business is operating well?
  2. What techniques or strategies that you will do to make your business rise?
  3. How can you say that your product is unique?
  4. How will you promote your product?
  5. What will be its competitive advantage?
  6. Financial aspect of the study

Objectives of the Study

Main objectives

  • To assess the feasibility of selling bread pizza in the Philippines.
  • Specifically, in the four aspects of the study:

Management Aspect of the study

To successfully establish the Korean Pizza Parlor that is owned by two entrepreneurs, a partnership business while having a goal of providing not only the customers' needs but also their wants. Their need for food for daily life and their want of eating new and amazing taste of food to fill their stomach.

To manage the business well and give enough or if possible more than enough salary for employees and all people who are involve in the business, the researchers want to gain a big amount of money or profit for them to help not only the people but also the business that is believed to be needed by many. Profit also for expenses and needs of the company.

Technical Aspect of the study

To introduce Pizza Bbang, to Filipinos and make them a know that there are more known Korean food aside from Ramen and Samgyupsal. Pizza Bbang contains some Korean side dishes or delicacies.

To operate the business in San Vicente Apalit, Pampanga, will be needing 4 to 5 crews, a cashier that will be in charge of the order and money, waiters that will be responsible in serving the order and a chef or a cook for cooking the product. The business will make sure that all the resources needed are supplied, from the bread, pizza sauce, up to the side dishes that are requested to be added.

To develop the skills and help people who are in need, the business will give job to poor and jobless people, and give them enough salary for them to use it in their daily living and expenses for their family.

Marketing Aspect of the study

To every business there is always a competition, with that, the researchers are aware that there are some possible threats. As the preparation, the researchers will innovate more products aside from the bread pizza, choose the best location and think of Korean ingredients or side dishes to add, that would fit on the taste of the pizza. By this the customers will have more reason to choose I Knead Sarang more than any other pizza parlor , shops restaurants and other more.

To the promotion of the business and the product, the researchers plan to advertise through social media which is a trend for the past few years as well as fliers with an attractive design and information about the business.

To the people nowadays, especially teens, who love to patronize Korean food products because of their love for Koreans. The possible advantage of the business is the product itself. From its unique features and taste. A pizza made from "Bbang" or bread up to its Korean side dishes added. It is not just a simple pizza stall, it is a Korean inspired pizza parlor.

Financial Aspect of the study

To provide the financial needs of the business, will be needing enough resources, for instance through bank loan and savings.


We envisioned into future where we stand as the first option for the exuberant and delighted customer, whom we see as the essence of our operations


To make the customers feel the taste of love that cannot be found anywhere and to provide our customers a range of finest quality foods through commitment to innovation and service to society in a mutually profitable rapport.

Significance of the Study

The researchers believe that once the business is established it will be able to help a lot of people especially those who are in need, and provide the wants of many.

This section will provide a brief description on the various significances of the study given.

To the customers . The future researchers believe that the customers will benefit as they were one of the main reasons of the study and the researchers had priced the product at a reasonable affordable price. They will gain benefit by buying the product. Product that will fill the hungry minds and stomachs by providing tasty foods and at the same time having an idea or knowledge about the unfamiliar dishes or delicacies of Korea.

To the future researchers. In doing the study, the future researchers have acquired new skills and knowledge that they can use in their any profession. It will help them know more regards to the reality of life especially how we walk towards the path of the business world.

To the students. There are so many students who cannot afford to continue their study because of financial problem, which is one of the problem here in the Philippines, though it is an education for all, there are still some expenses which cannot be avoided, by establishing this business, the researchers wants to give those students a job, and help them achieve their dreams. It will not be a distraction for their studies as they will hire students during their vacation.

To the jobless or unemployed people. In terms of hot issues in the Philippines, poverty and unemployment will always be on the list, and this became one of the reasons why researchers plans to establish this unique and new business. There are so many businesses in this country, but just by having successful business will not only give satisfaction to the customers but also help decrease the very high rate of unemployment, giving job to at least two jobless people by every businesses will be a very big improvement in a province and in the country.

Scope and Delimitations

This feasibility study focuses on establishing a Korean Bread Pizza Business located in McArthur Highway, San Vicente, Apalit Pampanga, where in the target market potential clients or costumers are not only K-pop fans or Korean lovers but everyone including the residences of the said province, the elders, teachers, employees, and students.

The Korean Business will provide satisfying products to fulfill the needs and wants of many including the following:

Pizza Bbang . It's not just an ordinary pizza that can be bought anywhere, but it is a unique "Pija" that has a taste of Korean ingredients. It is the most cheap and "plain" out of all the products in this business.

Bulgogi Bbang . Bulgogi is a meat and one of the most common food in korea, it is usually eaten by Koreans with rice however in this business it is used as one of the ingredients or toppings of a pizza.

Kimchi Bbang. It is a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly napa cabbage and Korean radishes, with a variety of seasonings, including gochugaru, scallions, garlic, ginger, and jeotga. Kimchi bbang is a combination of Pizza and Kimchi.

Hwang Bbang. Hwang in Korean means " King", hwang bbang is a king of all the products as it's a combination of all ingredients, it may be customized based on the customers preference.

Definition of Terms

For better comprehension in this study the following definition of terms are provided:

Hallyu/ Korean Wave. The Korean Wave (Hangul: ??; Hanja: ??) (literally meaning "flow of Korea") is the increase in global popularity of South Korean culture since the 1990s.

K-pop. It is a genre of music characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. While the modern form of K-pop can be traced back to the early 90s, the term itself has been popularized since the 2000s, replacing the term Gayo, which also refers to domestic pop music in South Korea.

Trend. It is the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change or a statistical curve reflecting such a change. It is also the latest style of popular culture including but not limited to: clothing, music, vernacular (common speech), and the latest TV shows.

Kimchi. It is a spicy, pungent vegetable dish that consists of one or more pickled and fermented vegetables and especially napa cabbage and radishes with various seasonings (such as garlic, red chilli pepper, ginger, scallions, and anchovy paste) and that is the national dish of South Korea.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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