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Korean Pop Culture

According to Padamyar (2014) the Korean pop culture influence is becoming higher and higher nowadays all over the world. The students on youngsters today enjoy dance, music and concerts of their idol or group. The people who love k-pop are called kpoppers. K-pop is very popular not only in Asia but also in western world. The youngsters are extremely addicted to k-pop. K-pop gives clean messages to teens, some scholars view that Korean song lyrics are clean and gave good messages to the teens.

If they do bad, or give a bad message, it will affect their reputation.

K-pop music plays an important role in the lines of students. It provides as an inspiration to the students and gives a sense of appreciation of Korean culture to the non-fans. There is no need to limit the consumption of suchmust like k-pop. People liking k-pop should not be judged. K-pop motivates some people such as students. (Agatep, A.L., et al, 2014).

By bridging global and local k-pop fans, k-pop has been building a relations.

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K-pop established a transitional cultural community through the internet and technology. Through social media, the fans of k-pop deliver the Koreanwave contents to share it with other fans around the world (Expose 2017 as cited in Wonho, J & Jung E.S, 2017)

According to tunglinh 0907 (2017) when the youngsters idolize people, they make efforts to copy their idols, to their appearance or stylish, clothes or even their bad behaviours, which may lead to loss. Idolization may have a bad effect especially to the students, that maybe a distraction from their learning, and may lose family or friend interaction.

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On the other hand, idolizing may have a good effect like the idols may become a model to them to achieve something in their life.

A fandom consists of differences and colorfulness, not bonding with similarities and common values an a fandom has been developing diverse sufcultures (Hills, M. 2002 as cited in Wonho, J & Jung E.S., 2017).

Fandoms can be negative because the other participants in the same fandom can become a target for attacks and negative interactions. Such negative behaviour that were happening in the fandom, mainly overestimating the impotance of a given show, excessive ownership of the object, unreasonable consumerism, or being emotional and thus more willing to spend money on merchandising (Stanfill 2013 cited in Trzcinska, 2018).

Those students who have motivation have an edge because they have adaptive attitudes and strategies, such as maintaining intrinsic interest, goal setting, and self-monitoring. Besides, motivational variables interact with cognitive, behavioral, and contextual factors to upset self-regulation(Alderman, 2004 as cited in Gbollie & Keamu, 2017).

Stephan, C. and Stephan, W. (2010) stated that the Korean Wave was meant as a competitive identity maker in order to develop the image of Korea. The contents of popular K-pop’s and Korean dramas are frequently emphasized to express the spirit and values of Korea and to promote the image of Korea. (As cited in Wonho, J & Jung, E. U. , 2017)

Based on the investigation of the influence the intensity of watching Korean dramas or K-Drama is a positive and significant impact on the style of dress in adolescents aged 17-21 years who were around Sleman, Yogyakarta, namely 0.045> 0.05, while the stronger influence amounted to 0262. This shows that the higher the intensity of watching k-drama, the higher its influence on the style of dress the teens. Based on these known dependent variable or dependent and independent variables or free. (Communication science, Faculty Psychology and Social Science Culture, University Islam Indonesia, Yogyakarta, THE INFLUENCE OF K-POP IN INDONESIA’S STUDENTS BEHAVIOUR, 2017 as cited in Anasarias, n.d )

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