The South Korean Educational System

The name of professionally arranged secondary schools has changed throughout the years—they used to be called professional secondary schools, at that point specialized secondary schools, yet are right now alluded to as 'specific schools.' Vocational upper-optional training gets ready understudies for section into the work power as gifted laborers, just as for further instruction. The educational programs is separated into a general training segment of around 32 percent. Around 42 percent is professional examination, with the rest of to other learning exercises, which may incorporate mechanical entry level positions.

Understudies consider the standard scholarly central subjects in evaluation 10 preceding gaining practical experience in a professional field, for example, business, farming, building, innovation, fishery, or marine transportation in evaluations 11 and 12. Most of professional secondary schools at present use learning modules created by the MOE and the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training based on Korea's National Competency Standards structure.

Graduates are granted authentications of graduation that are officially proportional to secondary school recognitions from different sorts of schools and that give access to tertiary training.

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In any case, far less (and diminishing) graduates in the professional track seek after advanced education. Many proceed with their investigations at junior schools as opposed to at four-year colleges.

The Korean government tries to advance work showcase passage straightforwardly after secondary school and fortify professional aptitudes preparing with a 'business first, headway to college later' approach. To this end, Korea in 2008 built up another sort of professional school, the purported Meister schools, which instruct educational module custom-made to industry needs in fields like banking, social administrations, dental cleanliness, sea enterprises, or semiconductor improvement.

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These educational module are created as a team with neighborhood organizations and join modern entry level positions; instructing staff may incorporate industry specialists.

Despite the fact that solitary 4 percent of secondary school understudies were joined up with Meister schools starting at 2013, these well-supported schools have raised the open's consciousness of professional secondary schools in Korea and made them progressively alluring, particularly since the banding together government organizations and organizations—which incorporate chaebols like LG Electronics—normally ensure work for alumni.

Meister school graduates are not permitted to select colleges until they work all day for three successive years. Nonetheless, passage into tertiary instruction has been facilitated by developing quantities of HEIs embracing extraordinary affirmations approaches that permit Meister school graduates to enlist without sitting for the national school examinations, in the wake of finishing their three years of all day business.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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