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The dress code in schooling has been an issue forever. I feel some type of gown code would lower a few of the everyday problems that schools have today. School uniforms and dress codes in public schools are not a good concept due to the fact that you can't express yourself the method you wish to.

I disagree with the school dress code since it does not enable people to reveal themselves, people can't dress for the weather condition and it doesn't let people pick how they desire to look since it's allegedly an interruption.

The dress code is Undergarments must not be exposed there must be a substantial covering over both shoulders see-through clothing or clothes that is so very tight that it draws attention to oneself are likewise undesirable. Shorts skirts should have at least a 4 inseam.

The dress code does not permit people to express themselves through what they use. What individuals use is what makes them different from everyone else.

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The majority of girls like to use skimpier clothes that reveal their shoulders and stomachs, however this rule doesn't let them. Simply due to the fact that a t-shirt has blasphemy repulsive tips, sexual undertones, drugs or alcohol on it, doesn't suggest that it shouldn't be used. People try expressing themselves through the mottos on their clothing. I do not feel anything is wrong with these shirts and I'm not offended by them, nor must anybody else be.

Dressing for the weather is really important to do especially when it's extremely hot out.

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When it's hot people don't like to wear a lot of clothes. Seeing the shoulders of guys and girls in school isn't going to hurt anyone. They should just be able to wear spaghetti strap shirts and tank-tops wider than three inches. Pants shouldn't be worn when it's hot, you can't concentrate on your work, because you are only thinking about how hot it is and how much longer until you can go home.

Some Students can’t concentrate when they have on uniforms. Because the person might not be use to wearing those type of clothing. But I can kind of understand why the school trying to make us wear clothes that covers our body. Because teacher now and days be having sex with the students that is very disgusting to do. And then you have the students in the class. It’s another reason why students can’t focus because some of them boys be looking at them girls that like to wear small stuff and can’t focus in class.

So it’s both ways these is some of the reasons why should and why shouldn’t we wear uniforms.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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