Software Characteristic of Attendance Management System


Attendance Management System is a software developed for daily student attendance in schools, collages and institutes. If facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class. The information is sorted by the operators, which will be provided by the teacher for a particular class. This system will also help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of a student.

  • Purpose: The purpose of developing attendance management system is to computerized the tradition way of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this software is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between of the session
  • Scope: The scope of the project is the system on which the software is installed, i.

    e. the project is developed as a desktop application, and it will work for a particular institute. But later on the project can be modified to operate it online.

Attendance Management System

Technology Used:Language:-VB.NET

System Requirement:Minimum RAM:-256 MB
Hard Disk:-40 GB
Processor:-Intel Pentium 4
Operating System:-Windows XP Service Pack2


Attendance Management System basically has two main modules for proper functioning

  • First module is admin which has right for creating space for new batch.

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  • Second module is handled by the user which can be a attendance, generating report. Attendance can be taken in two ways:
  • On the basis of Subject and month.
  • On the basis of Class.
  1. Economically Feasibility: The system being developed is economic with respect to School or Collage’s point of view.

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    It is cost effective in the sense that has eliminated the paper work completely. The system is also time effective because the calculations are automated which are made at the end of the month or as per the user requirement. The result obtained contains minimum errors and are highly accurate as the data is required.

  2. Technical feasibility: The technical requirement for the system is economic and it does not use any other additional Hardware and software.
  3. Behavioral Feasibility: The system working is quite easy to use and learn due to its simple but attractive interface. User requires no special training for operating the system.

Working Of Present System In the present system all work is done on paper. The whole session attendance is stored in register and at the and of the session the reports are generated. We are not interested in generating report in the middle of the session or as per the requirement because it takes more time in calculation. At the end of session the students who don’t have 75% attendance get a notice.


  • Not User Friendly: The existing system is not user friendly because the retrieval of data is very slow and data is not maintained efficiently.
  • Difficulty in report generating: We require more calculations to generate the report so it is generated at the end of the session. And the student not get a single chance to improve their attendance
  • Manual control: All calculations to generate report is done manually so there is greater chance of errors.
  • Lots of paperwork: Existing system requires lot of paper work. Loss of even a single register/record led to difficult situation because all the papers are needed to generate the reports.
  • Time consuming: Every work is done manually so we cannot generate report in the middle of the session or as per the
    requirement because it is very time consuming.


  • User Friendly:- The proposed system is user friendlybecause the retrieval and storing of data is fast and data is maintained efficiently. Moreover the graphical user interface is provided in the proposed system, which provides user to deal with the system very easily.
  • Reports are easily generated: reports can be easily generated in the proposed system so user can generate the report as per the requirement (monthly) or in the middle of the session. User can give the notice to the students so he/she become regular.
  • Very less paper work: The proposed system requires very less paper work. All the data is feted into the computer immediately and reports can be generated through computers. Moreover work become very easy because there is no need to keep data on papers.
  • Computer operator control: Computer operator control will be there so no chance of errors. Moreover storing and retrieving of information is easy. So work can be done speedily and in time.

Login Form

This login Form is made For Security purpose. So only Authenticated User only Access in to the Project. There are two Type of persons can enter in the project

  1. Administrator
  2. User

Add Information Form

This form is showed when authorized administrator enters his correct User Name and Password. This Form gives the option to fill the name of Students and the name of Teacher if a new faculty has joined.

Student Information Form

This form enables the Administrator to fill the name of Students and there Semester where the Student Id will change automatically when a Student is saved in the
Database. And course Will Be remain same because this

System is made for MCA Students.

Teacher Information Form

This Form is made for Administrator to fill up the name of teachers when teacher Id is changed automatically. If a new teacher joined the collage its name also is included in the System

User Form

This form is opened when user fill up his correct User Name and Password and User Type Is user. The is form enables the user to fill up attendance of every student and see whish student is short listed and what is the total attendance of each individual attendance in a particular Subject and in a particular month

Semester Form

This form facilitates the user to choose a semester in which attendance is to be filled. In this system we are using the
Fourth Semester so when the user clicks on Semester4 the
list of Semester 4 students is come.

Attendance Form

This Form is used to choose subjects and the month for which attendance is to be filled up and show a list of students. When a User click to corresponding Check box and click on save the students will be stated present and their attendance is added.

Report Form / Short List Form

This form shows the list of Short listed students. We can see this list according to Subject wise and month wise. When user click on view, then list is shown accordingly.

Attendance Status Form

This form shows the status of the students or we can say
number of classes attended in a particular subject in a
particular month. When user click on the ‘View Status’ button of short list form then this form will appear with the status.


The Attendance Management System is developed using Visual Basic.NET fully meets the objectives of the system which it has been developed. The system has reached a steady state where all bugs have been eliminated. The system is operated at a high level of efficiency and all the teachers and user associated with the system understands its advantage. The system solves the problem. It was intended to solve as requirement specification.


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  2. Beginning VB.NET (Wrox Publication)
  3. System Analysis and Design – Alias M. Awad
  4. Software Engineering – Roger Pressman




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