Cash is not a thing that you might find anywhere when you require it. It is about hard work to have money. Parents were the ones who work hard to be able to send their children into different respective or even eminence schools, from primary, high school and college to be particular. They would take the risk of investing their money just to assure the quality education of their kids. But what if there is not a problem with the school? What if the student itself has an issue? Participation in school is a must; fifty percent of a trainee’s grades were typically based upon their class participation and if the students are absent, they will miss a lot of points.

Moms and dads has no assurance if their children go directly go to school, they will know it when it is far too late like when they got a letter or a call from the school telling them that their children may stop working or duplicate a particular topic or worse, another year for them to suffer.

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To offer an alternative option unto it, the researcher introduced this I.D (Recognition) which has a barcode in it and a barcode scanner with automated texting system. This can help parents know that their kids go into school and also, the system alerts them if the students go out of the school. It could assist prevent the trainees to cut class or avoid school, also, it alters the conventional way of protecting the students.

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The fact that the moms and dads understand that their kids we’re launched by the school, they know what time their children could go home.

Statement of the Problem

  • In this modern day with new technologies at hand, different kinds of crimes are rampant, and most of these victims are students who are so helpless in defending themselves. Common question from the points of view of parents would be: “Did my son/daughter attend their school?” or “What time will my kids be dismissed from their school?” In another scenario, in coming to school, the parents do not have the assurance if their children went and attended the school. Another set of questions parents ask are: “Did they attend all the classes they have? Did they cut school?”
  • Will there be a significant difference on the benefits and capabilities that will be delivered from the proposed system compare to the manual system of the school?
  • What would be the advantage of the SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System in much longer range for manual checking of the attendance and monitoring of the students?

Theoretical Framework

The Attendance Module will be accessed by the administrator, teachers, and students. The administrator will be the one can access the whole system for the attendance and monitoring of the students if they are skipping schools or cut their classes. The student’s concern is to press the button of the barcode scanner for their arrival at school and leaving at the school.

The Record Module is the personal information module containing basic informations of each students of Diamond Academy. The administrator will be the one who operate the personal information module. The administrators will encode the information of the students, he/she can also edit, update, and delete the information of the students.

The Report Module, the purpose of this module is to provide a search box in the proposed system form and handle summary of all transaction for the generation of reports.

Significance of the study

This system will make an improvement in the security done by the guard of the school and will give assurance to the parents regarding their children’s safety. This is proposed to have a better security and will give benefits to the following:

Parents. Parents of the students of Diamond Academy will have the assurance that their children are attending the school, their children are inside the school premises and not loitering outside and they know what time their children went in and out of the school.

Students. Students of Diamond Academy will be secured and they will be disciplined with regards of school attendance.

Teachers. Teachers of Diamond Academy will have the ease in monitoring the students’ attendance. If a student does not attend class, they have a proof that the student is not attending class.

Future Researchers. The next researchers that will be developing or upgrading this system can use this research paper as their reference for their future researches.

Objectives of the Study

Generally, the study aims to develop I.D (Identification) with barcode and barcode scanner with automated texting system for Diamond Academy. Specifically, the study aims to:

  1. SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System helps the parents to monitor and notify them about their children’s arrival and departure at school.
  2. To show that this new system will be more useful and significant rather than the manual system that they’re currently using.
  3. To let the parents/guardians experience the major advantages of this system (They will be able to monitor their children regarding the attendance of their children at school; they will have the assurance that their children does not cut/skip school).
  4. Develop a system that would help the school on monitoring the arrival and dismissal of the students and generating the reports using Visual Basic 6.0 as the Programming Language, Barcode Scanner as the Scanner and Microsoft SQL server 2005 as the database;
  5. Evaluate the performance of the system using ISO 9126.

Time and Place of the Study

This thesis proposal started after we come up with 3 titles and defend to the panelist of CvSu I.T instructors, then this title was chosen to be our thesis for fulfillment of our course. Thinking about what will happen to our propose title and while thinking of it, it consumes time where to start. We actually started working to find how much the hardware and the hardware itself. It took me days and even months to find the hardware for the said proposed title. And when I was writing this time and place for our thesis im still looking for the hardware and the price of it, and besides its still lack of information about of our proposed title, so in this time and place I write a little of what I do and where I find and write this documents. As of now we are finishing the documentation of the chapter 1 in my house.

Scope and Limitations

SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System of Diamond Academy is a system that is being developed by the researchers to improve security purposes for the students of Diamond Academy and notifies the parents for the arrival of their children at school. The students will swipe their I.D (Identification) on the barcode scanner then the system automatically sends a message to the parents or guardians that their children went in or went out of the school premises using Broadband SMS modem as the system. In addition, It has a summary information of the time and date that the students has logged. The programming language used was Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 2005 for the database, also the Barcode Scanner for the scanning of their ID and process by the Broadband SMS modem for notifying the parents for the arrival and dismissal of their children.

However, in this application there are different limitations that will never be granted in the said application such as; the system only covers the arrival and the departure of the students. The students could be able to skip classes. That issue will be handled by the school guards. Another is, the system notifies only the parents with regards in the students’ attendance. The teachers will still have to check the attendance manually. This system occurs only on the said school premises and exclusively for the students who are studying on Diamond Academy. Also, the SMS part is only available to local cellular phone numbers. Numbers from outside the country (like roaming sim cards and numbers from different countries) will not be able to receive text notifications of the said system.

Definition of Terms

The following terms were used and defined operationally:

Assurance. A positive declaration intended to give confidence.

Attendance. Is the act or fact of attending (being present at) work. Also, attendance is used to define the number of persons present on a particular day at work.

Barcode. is an optical machine-readable representation of data relating to the object to which it is attached.

Barcode Scanner. is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones.

Computer. It is a general purpose device which can be programmed to carry out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operation.

Database. An application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval.

Hardware. The machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.

Notification. is highly improved the possibilities to keep informed about developments in various disciplines, and receiving alerts to new publications.

Rampant. Violent or unrestrained in action or performance.

System. Any group of components (functions, people, activity and so on) that interface with and complement one another.

System Automatic or Automatic System- Systems forming part of a building, requiring maintenance and inspection, and subject to a Compliance Schedule SMS (short message). a system that enables cellular phone users to send and receive text messages.

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