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Biometrics Attendance Monitoring System in School

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Participation is among the crucial consider numerous institutions and company that need to be followed by individuals. It is highly important for one organization in order to preserve their performance requirements. Old traditional techniques for staff members’ attendance are still used by most of the universities or schools like Cabatacan National School in which employee still using the manual DTR that allow them to cheat their own time of arrival and departure of the stated institution. As this approach is used, numerous workers are assisting their buddies by signing in their participation in case of their absent in the institute.

In this paper we review the various digital system which is being established by utilizing various techniques. Based on this review a new approach for worker participation is proposed by using biometric gadget to be used for numerous schools or academic institutes.

Biometric technologies is the fingerprint recognition system; by placing a finger on the scanner, it allows the person to time in or out and ensures that employees cannot time in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft.

In other words, instead of requiring personal identification cards, keys or passwords of other person, biometrics can identify fingerprints of an individual for easy and convenient verification. After having these issues in mind we develop a Biometric Attendance Monitoring System or simply called BAMS which serves as an alternate for traditional manual signing process and automates the whole process of taking attendance and maintaining it.

The researcher’s main focus is to come up with a better, more effective and reliable system that would lessen the problem that encountered by the Faculty and staff of the Cabatacan National High School.

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Because aside from the monthly report, BAMS feature shows the attendance of the individual employee which is absent or late on that particular day, monitor the productivity of every employee and check on the Employee absenteeism which in turn helps in achieving the organization goals. This system allows the workers to take attendance, view their user profile, while the manager can view workers’ attendance, managing workers’ information and generating attendance report.

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