Student Attendance Monitoring System

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This study seeks to figure out the process on Participation Details Dissemination to guardians or parents and to design a computerized Student Presence Tracking System with Short Messaging Solutions. Particularly, it looks for to address the following;

1. What are the issues experienced by the class advisor in the manual Presence Info Dissemination of their students.
2. What are the issues encountered by the parents or guardians in the manual Attendance Details Dissemination of their trainees.
3. What are the procedures to be considered in the advancement and implementation of SAMSMS.

Assumption of the issue

1. That class adviser will determine the problems of the present system to the best of their capabilities;
2. That participants will cooperate in the formulation of solution to the issues identified; 3. The SAMSMS will answer the problems on manual system.

Goals of the study

1. To identify the Issues experienced by the class consultant in the manual attendance Information Dissemination of their trainees.
2. To identify the issues experienced by the parents or guardians in the manual Attendance Info Dissemination of their child.

3. To develop Student Participation Tracking System with Short Messaging that will improve the student participation details dissemination to guardians or moms and dads.

Scope and Delimitation

This study covers the identification of problems encountered by the class adviser and the guardians or parents in the manual student attendance information dissemination system and the formulation and development of computerized Student Attendance Information Dissemination with Short Messaging System as an alternative solution. The system covers updated student attendance record, security of data and delivers student attendance information to guardians and parents through short messaging to respective registered cellphone numbers.

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It can also generate daily or weekly attendance report which serves as a basis for monitoring the overall attendance monitoring.

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Student Attendance Monitoring System
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