Attendance Monitoring Using Biometrics


We the proponents would like to thank with all our gratitude to our professor Mr.Romelle Rodrigueza who teaches us and giving his continues support. To our parents who give us money for all the expenses and courage to make things possible. To our friends and classmates who always there for us and share their thoughts. And most especially to God for the wisdom and perseverance that he has been bestowed upon us during this research project, and indeed, throughout our life: “I can do everything through him who give me strength.

” (Philippians 4: 13) My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, for their continual support and encouragement throughout this year.


We dedicate this research work to our subject teacher who never failed to teach and guide us, to our family who supports us in everything, to our friends who helped to finish this project and most of all to the Almighty God who gives us strength and good health while doing this.

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Monitoring of attendance is recognized as an important element in supporting both student and faculty performance. Regular and appropriate attendance has been a school requirement for them to know how they perform in schools. The faculty members, failure to attend or absence without permission can result in some serious consequences in place. Many schools therefore already have in place effective methods for monitoring the students and faculty members’ attendance and absences.

The Proponent’s came up to conduct a study on their chosen system. The Global Reciprocal Colleges are using a manual process in terms of monitoring and checking attendance that may cause some problems.

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The current problems that are loss of attendance sheet so that they cannot properly monitor the attendance of their Faculty members. They cannot properly monitor concerning to salary deduction. Lastly because some of the faculty has no designated rooms they are going to use different rooms, this is also one of the factors that the guard who are in charge in checking of attendance may got mistaken.

In this study, the proponents aim to provide a better way of monitoring the attendance of Faculty members of Global Reciprocal Colleges. In order for the Human Resource Department can handle faster and easy way of recording and monitoring the daily attendance of the Faculty. The system will provide an efficient way of record keeping activity. This study aims to provide better results of Faculty Attendance Monitoring System that can cover up with the school needs. The study of this procedure is important because many school’s encounter the same problem during their attendance monitoring. It may become stepping stone in a more organize and productive system of procedures in the future The system holds the information about the professors log in and log out from the school and only the Human Resource Department can see the professor’s attendance. If the teacher input his/her user name and password it is automatically registered as log in or log out. The teachers automatically mark absent if he/she didn’t input his/her thumb in the biometric during the day. This study wants to help schools to be innovated involving the use of computerization inside the campus and also for future proponents that will be involve in this kind of study.



As time goes by many industries such as schools and business were experiencing much technological advancement and changes in way of improving to achieve its goals. With the booming number of people using technology, it becomes easier to do different task for each department or aspects. One of this is the Faculty Attendance Monitoring. Instead of doing manual checking of attendance that makes the process more time consuming and sometimes it is not accurate in time in and out. This is one of the problems of Global Reciprocal Colleges in Caloocan, dealing with this problem of an easy way to do the checking of attendance. We, the proponents come up with a computerized Faculty Attendance Monitoring using biometrics. It serves as a time log-in/log-out system that is set up as a computerized database. This system maintains a daily record of a person’s arrival and departure time from work. Aside from the records of time and date, our system features the name, position and the assigned number of each staff. So it also serves as an identification profile system. The system also protects the employees by providing the exact number of hours they worked, making it much more difficult for employers to cheat them out of their wages. This thesis features all important facts about our system as well as its importance.


The system we are proposing will use biometrics to record the attendance of the faculty members of GRC. We, the proponents noticed that the existing manual system gives an inaccurate result of attendance. To avoid this problem, the proponents come up with the solution of creating a system that uses fingerprints that will serve as a unique identification for the faculty. The system should also provide the daily report of the records.

Statement of the Problem

Nowadays, many colleges are using a different system in checking and monitoring the attendance of the faculty member. There are some instances that the administration and faculty member encounter a problem.

General problem:
How accurate, efficient and reliable does the said proposed system to faculty and Human Resource Department of Global Reciprocal Colleges? Specific problem:
How would it help to lessen the room and scheduling conflicts? How accuracy does the proposed system in terms of monitoring the schedule of each faculty? How efficiency the existing attendance monitoring system?

How reliable the proposed system in terms of security?

Objectives of the Study

General Objective:
To develop a system that will help to check and monitor the attendance of faculty member and their designated rooms. Specific Objective:
To create a system that can avoid conflicts in terms checking of room and attendance of each faculty member. With the help of this system it becomes easier for the guards who are assigned in checking and monitoring rooms to determine if the faculty member is on time or not. And if they are in their designated rooms. To lessen the use of paper because in this system it will going to use a biometric device that produce a summarized report.

Conceptual Paradigm

A paradigm is about the old system of Global Reciprocal Colleges. and proposed system of the proponents.Grc has a manual process in terms of checking the attendance and monitoring of classrooms .Before the faculty member go to their respective classroom they will going to log-in in the log book to have their attendance .The Hr will going to input one by one in the excel the data given by the guards who are in charge with it. In our system The faculty will going to have attendance in biometrics with their thumb print to avoid —- and security and to ensure that the following faculty members is the one log-in and out in the attendance . The system with the use of biometric will only accept those thumbprint of those faculty member who are only assigned in the particular rooms else they will not going to have their attendance. Then the proposed system will have a daily report of attendance in the particular day. Conceptual Framework


Scope and Delimitations
In the proposed system it will focus in Monitoring and also the attendance of each faculty member of Global Reciprocal Colleges. The system will have a security account for the Hr department who is in charge of monitoring it .It also provide the real time of log in and out of the faculty members .It also assured that the faculty is present and will avoid proxy in terms of logging in because of the biometric which only accept the thumb print of the specific member in particular classroom. The system have a daily report, Update if ever the admin want to delete add . It also has two accounts for the guest and for the hr (admin).The proposed system have limitation s. It cannot calculate the wage of each faculty member .It cannot access to a network and.

Importance of the Study

This system will be beneficial in terms of monitoring rooms and for the attendance checking of each faculty members. This system will also help them by the use of biometrics which let the faculty member have their attendance by means of their thumbprint. First is for the faculty member which may benefit in terms of having specific rooms. In this system each rooms having biometric which has a data determining whose faculty member can only access in designated room.

Second is for the Human Resource Department (HR) which is going to be the admin of this proposed system. It will easy for them to create a summary report of attendance which is accurate, organize and secured data.

The third is for the proponents who conducted this study for them to serve and to acquire their knowledge to come up and to meet the demand of the user. It also helps the proponents to apply what they’ve learned to make this proposed system possible.

Definition of Terms

  1. Biometrics – refers to metrics related to human characteristics and traits. Biometrics authentication (or realistic authentication) is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. Example: Fingerprint
  2. Fingerprint – A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger.
  3. Data – facts or information used usually to calculate, analyze, or plan something.
  4. Visual Basic .net – is a multi-paradigm, high level programming language, implemented on the .NET Framework. Microsoft launched VB.NET in 2002 as the successor to its original Visual Basic language. Along with Visual C#, it is one of the two main languages targeting the .NET framework.
  5. Microsoft SQL – is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, be it those on the same computer or those running on another computer across a network (including the Internet).

Review of Related Literature and Studies


  • Local Literature

A computerized system that will facilitate a faster and easier checking of faculty’s attendance during the implementation departmental and/or institutional program is now being utilized at the School of CSIT. The system was developed by Mr. Rogie B. Tabmidiman IT instructor whose objectives in developing the system are the following to make the checking attendance easier and faster, to keep accurate records of the faculty’s attendances, to eradicate or at least minimize complaints of faculties on erroneous data on attendance and to inspire IT faculties to develop computerized system that will make processes easier.

  • Local Studies

Security is the degree of protection against danger, damage, loss and criminal activity. Securities as a form of protection are structures and processes that provide or improvement security as a condition. It is indeed a great demand and can somehow be a great loss if it’s prevented. Security with the human responsibility and interference are now at risk of loss because of the technology that certain machines can do. One of this is the swipe card technology. Faculty Attendance Monitoring and Announcement information system with SMS alert is known as essential part of the school security in terms of attendance checking and performance of certain faculty combines with swipe card technology. The Proponents aim to come up with the solution for a secured, fast, and accurate system that will answer the parents, faculty concerns for the faculties.

Foreign STUDY

  • Attendance monitoring

This document aims to provide schools with guidance on attendance monitoring and absence reporting for all students. Monitoring of attendance is recognised as an important element in supporting both student retention and performance and has been a University requirement for many years. In addition, the document includes information on the requirements of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) under the Points Based System applicable to international students.



Updated 19 January 2010

This paper outlines plans for monitoring student attendance in the University of Edinburgh Uk.

  • Foreign Studies

College and school staff will be aware that UK boarder Agency (UKBA) has introduced new regulations governing the immigration of staff and faculties to the UK, an initiative instigated by the previous prime Minister in 2004 which are closely modeled on those devised by Australia some years ago. Under the new regulations faculties will have to submit certain material when they apply for a course. The university will have to keep records on all overseas faculties. It will have to verify faculty’s identity when they arrive, and will have to keep track of the faculties as they progress through the degree programmed and report them to the relevant authorities if they fail to attend. This paper focuses purely on these latter requirements on how we propose to manage the work associated with monitoring the attendance of UG and PG faculties.


Research Methods Used

To make this proposed system possible we, the proponents use some of research methods.
The survey method which serve as our detail to determine the problem in monitoring and checking the attendance. It also gives the proponents a data to use in the system. The library methods which give us ideas through searching regarding to the proposed system.

Locale of the Study

The locale of the study is the faculty members of Global Reciprocal Colleges.

Respondent of the Study

The respondent of the proposed system are the HR department who are the one collecting the attendance. The faculty members who are going to use biometrics in terms of attendance via biometrics.

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