Humans are viewed to be the most intelligent and sophisticated life forms in the planet mainly because of their ability to think and rationalize. Indeed, human’s philosophical side is their main asset significantly affecting all of the other aspects in their life. Basically, each human being has their own philosophical aspect yet they somehow differ against each other at some point. These differences in the philosophical aspects of each society are scientifically accounted to the different historical and anthropological development of their respective society contributing to the establishment of their philosophy.

Consider the similarities and differences in the philosophical development between three of the most known societies in the present world: America, Africa and Asia. Basically, all three societies have their philosophy established based on the values of freedom and equality however their developments are significantly different as their histories are also different. America’s philosophy is founded with the view that their society has the most influence thus, they must spread their philosophy.

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Africa on the other hand, wants to break free from their dark histories thus, their philosophy is to establish their equal footing with the others. Asia has been known to have their own history secluded from the world and they want to preserve their cultural diversity still at the present. Thus, social philosophy is independently established according to the respective historical development of its each society producing certain similarities and differences in the philosophy of the societies of the modern world.

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